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Unlocking Resourcing Efficiency and Managing Project Risks With Replicon at TSIA World ENVISION 2023

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Replicon participated at TSIA World ENVISION 2023, which was hosted in Las Vegas from October 16-18, 2023, where senior industry leaders and thousands of industry professionals brainstormed on how to bust data silos and create unified organizations. The event saw a special focus on transformative technologies like GenAI and how they could help organizations get there faster.

The recently concluded TSIA World ENVISION 2023 witnessed numerous insightful keynotes, general sessions, and technology solution sessions, offering a globally leading platform for experts, professionals, technology solution providers, and industry leaders to showcase their offerings and deliberate the pressing challenges impacting the professional services industry.

With a focus on busting data silos to create unified organizations, TSIA World ENVISION 2023 featured several sessions around GenAI capabilities.

Decoding the Challenge of Managing Delivery Risks and Boosting Resourcing Efficiency at Replicon’s Exclusive Breakout Session

Replicon was a proud Platinum Sponsor of the event and hosted a much-awaited exclusive breakout session titled “Gen AI – Your Secret Sauce for Resourcing Efficiency and Managing Delivery Risks.” The session offered a holistic view of the existing challenges confronting the professional services industry and how existing inefficiencies hamstrung project and resource managers.

Usually, professional services organizations’ data around people, projects, skills, and time are stuck in different siloed systems. Due to purpose-built solutions and tailored processes, business functions like project delivery and human resources face unique challenges. The absence of a single source of truth around people, projects, skills, and time impacts the decision-makers’ ability to make informed decisions in real time.

For instance, project managers face challenges like inefficient resource allocation, which leads to improper project planning, impacting project delivery. There are inordinate delays in assigning resources to projects and a lack of visibility into the entire resource pool for longer-term and informed project planning.

A designed graph depicting how manual resourcing processes impact the overall customer experience

Similarly, resource managers face challenges like random and ad-hoc resource requests, leading to improper resource utilization of the available and the “hidden bench.” Cumbersome and manual matching of resources to projects, outdated skills matrix, and the lack of visibility into upcoming project needs equally impact their resource planning processes.

Organizations can enable their project and resource managers to overcome the challenges mentioned above with a professional services automation (PSA) solution that offers them visibility into project needs and matches them to the organization’s resource availability.

Plus, organizations can empower their project and resource managers with a PSA solution that can:

  • Help access the entire resource pool and availability
  • Consolidate skills and resource management onto a single platform
  • Enable proactive project forecasting and offer insights into project risks
  • Ensure on-demand resource requests and risk mitigation

Replicon Polaris PSA: Augment Resourcing Efficiency and Manage Delivery Risks Better

Replicon Polaris PSA Solution with GenAI capabilities helps unlock untapped resourcing efficiencies, directly impacting project margins and profitability. GenAI-powered resource management can significantly enable resource managers by forecasting resource availability and dynamically allocating resources, besides suggesting workload distribution.

Armed with a conversational interface, the solution enables automatic project creation and resource matching, on-demand resource requests using the GenAI interface, and an effective and updated employee skills library. Plus, the solution identifies and suggests solutions for skill gaps, frontloading most tasks that demand resource managers’ significant time and effort.

Polaris PSA also allows decision-makers to manage project risks proactively and intelligently. The personal “AI Assistant” enables effective project management and offers rich insights into projects, exposing risks proactively. Besides, it allows for GenAI-aided risk mitigation and gives full visibility into project performance. Besides boasting of a conversational interface, users can benefit from alerts on schedules and cost risks using the GenAI interface, refine AI-aided risk mitigation plans, and identify risk patterns of projects.

Here is a brief rundown of how GenAI can make project management smarter:

  1. Quick project planning and initiation: Create multiple project plans upon receiving project requirements and identifying constraints

  2. Resource allocation: Effectively and efficiently allocate resources to your project

  3. Managing project risks: Get a real-time pulse of schedule risks, budget risks, and margin risks, and give possible solutions

  4. Quick adoption: Reduced training time with a conversational interface

  5. Feedback and reporting: Easier to receive feedback for continuous product improvement

Replicon's team at the event, explaining the details of the product offerings to an attendee

As one of the premier events for technology and services organizations, TSIA World ENVISION 2023 brought together leaders, experts, and professionals to unravel the future of technology and discuss how it will shape the landscape of services business going forward. The event offered exhaustive data and insights into how professional services organizations can better prepare themselves to create unified organizations and drive greater efficiency.

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Shashank Shekhar


Shashank Shekhar


Shashank Shekhar has been a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for over 9 years. He specializes in writing about technology trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and their impact on shaping the project management landscape with tools like professional services automation solutions and time-tracking solutions. Outside of work, he loves reading about history, astrophysics and geopolitics.


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