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Top 5 Time Tracking Features from Replicon Your Employees Will Thank You For

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Often, time and attendance software is chosen solely for the employer’s benefit. And it’s understandable to an extent. Time and again, we’ve discussed Replicon’s time and attendance solution helping businesses streamline payroll processes, control labor costs, manage labor compliance, prevent time theft, manage productivity, and more.

But, employees also benefit from an accurate and easy-to-use time and attendance software solution. With Replicon, both your leaders and your team members will find our solution advantageous to all areas of tracking time and attendance.

Here are five features from Replicon’s time and attendance platform that will make your employees love using our product.

Feature #1: Configurable Timesheets That Integrate Seamlessly with Your Ecosystem

For many managers, getting team members to complete and submit accurate timesheets on a deadline is a challenge. It’s understandable — filling timesheets can be time-consuming, boring, and frustrating, especially when employees have to remember their hours if they haven’t clocked in or out in real time. Erroneous timesheets and siloed data impact the HR and payroll teams, too. When timesheet data does not sync with the ERP, payroll, and accounting software in real time, teams have to accommodate stressful and complicated payroll corrections.

Replicon’s time and attendance solution overcomes these challenges through configurable timesheets and seamless integration with accounting software. Configurable timesheets allow you to customize your timesheets to capture granular information your business needs, while pre-population rules reduce data entry effort for your employees, making timesheet completion and submission easy. Automated time and attendance tracking dramatically reduces the time it takes to submit and approve timesheets.

The plug-and-play capabilities of the solution make it effortless to integrate with the accounting and payroll systems you use, synching data in real time for enhanced payroll accuracy. Employees will find their paychecks reflect their time, down to the last minute. It’s a complete, hassle-free experience.

Feature #2: Automated Validations and Intelligent Approvals

Timesheet errors are not uncommon. For instance, employees might accidentally enter time beyond their shift hours, record time against a time-off period and company holidays, or enter hours outside a defined minimum and maximum hours for a day or week. These errors can often lead to payroll hassles, incorrect paychecks, and managers running behind their team members asking them to re-submit timesheets.

Replicon’s attendance and time tracking solution lets you define validation rules to check whether the data entered in a timesheet is valid and compliant with the predefined rules. When the data doesn’t follow the set validation rules, a warning or error will be displayed to the user.

For instance, let’s say your business requires employees to record 40 hours per week with at least six hours per weekday. You can set this as a validation rule and the system will prevent employees from submitting a timesheet if either of the conditions is not met, saving managers time from manual validation. You can even create dynamic approval workflows by including supervisors, payroll and HR personnel, and other stakeholders in the approval chains to ensure compliance with business policies.

Feature #3: Mobile-first Experience

Today, employees need a way to manage their time and attendance on the go. Replicon’s mobile app empowers your remote and field workforce with self-service capabilities to manage time and attendance with 100 percent accuracy. Employees can punch in/out, take meals and rest breaks, allocate time to activities and jobs — all from the mobile timesheet app. Instant notifications help them to stay on top of their work, while automatic reminders when timesheets are due ensure timely submissions.

Real-time push notifications enable supervisors and managers to review time and time-off submissions. They can perform necessary actions right from the push notifications or dive into the app for more details. Voice commands, geofencing, GPS tracking, chatbots, and intelligent approvals help managers get better control over costs and performance.

Replicon’s mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices and is simple to install and use. The modern user interfaces and non-intrusive, real-time data capture drive rapid adoption.

Feature #4: Built-in Global Labor and Time Off Compliance

Whether you are an SMB or an enterprise company, labor law compliance is an inevitable responsibility for your payroll and HR teams. From overtime, meal breaks, premiums, paid family leaves to sick leaves — and many more in between — federal, state, and local governments are constantly changing labor laws, with the onus of compliance falling on the company or, more specifically, the HR team.

Payroll teams need accurate time and absence data for effective payroll processing, too. More often than not, we see manual tracking resulting in overpayment or underpayment to employees, which leads to compliance issues. Adding to the complication, each employee can make a variety of leave requests annually. Ensuring that they’re all accounted for correctly often becomes a cumbersome process for payroll and HR teams. Variables, such as employee category, job type, pay rates, location, pay rules, time off, balances, etc., influence the approval process. All these factors reiterate the fact that supervisors, HR, and payroll teams need a better solution than traditional punch cards.

This why we designed Replicon’s time and attendance software with built-in global labor compliance. The compliance library with prebuilt rules gets updated automatically to ensure you stay on top of labor, time off, and sick leave compliance requirements set for your region. Our solution even gives you the flexibility of creating complex union rules, pay rates, time off, vacation, sick leave, time off in lieu, and other policies to meet your organization-wide requirements. For global time off, your HR team can define and manage holidays specific to different locations while assigning specific policies based on region, employee type, or other attributes. The ability to set accrual rules, including increases based on anniversaries, resets, carryovers, overdraw limits, and effective dates, save your supervisors and HR teams from unnecessary administrative overheads.

Feature #5: Touchless Time Clock

As offices start to reopen, using biometric systems for punching attendance raises concerns about employee safety. Sharing a high-contact surface with multiple people every day increases the chance of contracting the virus. Your employees returning to the office will want a contactless way to punch at arrival, breaks, and end of shift.

Replicon’s touchless employee time clock is a safe and innovative alternative thanks to features like facial recognition and voice commands. You can convert any iOS tablet device into a self-service time clock with advanced capabilities like facial recognition and image capture with a photo audit trail. This allows your employees to simply walk up to their time clock and automatically punch in without touching any clock or clock surfaces. This sophisticated combination of both facial recognition and voice-assisted technology reduces the risk of exposure to the virus, encouraging your employees to safely resume punching in and out without fear.

Experience the Power of Replicon’s Time Tracking Features

Replicon is a configurable and scalable time and attendance solution that can meet all your business use cases related to managing time for projects, pay, costs, and billing. The easy-to-use and user-intuitive interface encourages quick user adoption. Replicon makes it easy to collect time and attendance data for faster, more accurate payroll processing — helping to ensure compliance with labor laws and internal policies and giving you real-time insight into workforce productivity.

Want to explore Replicon’s time and attendance software further?

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Shree Krupa


Shree Krupa

Shree is content marketing manager at Deltek | Replicon. She likes to write about technology trends that are shaping the future of the workplace. Deltek | Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Deltek | Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.


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