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Replicon Timesheet Software Saves Companies Time and Costs by Streamlining Employee & Project Time Tracking

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Calgary, AB – January 15, 2009 – Replicon’s Web TimeSheet, a market leading time tracking solution, proves itself again at being very effective in enabling companies to streamline their employee time and expense tracking, as well as project tracking, and saving thousands of dollars and countless hours along the way.


Time Tracking – Belle Enterprise and Technology


Belle Enterprise and Technology, Incorporated (BET, Inc.) is a small, service-disabled veteran business. Being an organization that has employees based throughout the United States, BET Inc. relies on internet technologies for company-wide communication.

Every two weeks employees used to send excel spreadsheet timesheets to their managers for review. The information would then be extracted and used to construct invoices for clients. This was an exceptionally time-consuming process as managers would have to review each submission and manually extract the data. Their ideal solution would be a program that could compile all of the data in one place and that was accessible to all employees based throughout the United States. They soon discovered that Replicon’s Web TimeSheet was the best web-based software solution to automate their time and expense tracking needs.

After adopting this timesheet software, BET’s administrative time for the management team has been reduced by an impressive 90%, with time spent on time-tracking dropping from 35 hours to just 3.5 hours per week, while employees have saved over 30 minutes per week on recording their time.

According to Cary Shaffner, IT Manager at BET Inc., "Web TimeSheet is our dream timesheet. If we were to sit down and try to build a timesheet program, it would be Web TimeSheet."


Time Off Tracking – The Finance Project


The Finance Project is a specialized non-profit research, technical assistance, consulting and training firm. The Finance Project offers a valuable intellectual and technical resource to policy makers, program developers, fund providers and community leaders, including federal, state and local officials.

The Finance Project housed a paper-based timesheet solution where employees and managers entered their time and expenses on paper. Managers who traveled would mail or fax time and expense paperwork to the office and administrators would enter the data into a spreadsheet and manually calculate time off balances and accruals. Redundancy and error-prone paper trails resulted in lengthy approval cycles.

After identifying the need for a better time and expense tracking solution, Replicon’s timesheet solution was selected for all staff in their Washington and New York offices. The system was implemented and deployed in a few days. The Finance Project saw immediate ROI from time and expense cycles being reduced from days to just minutes.

Terry Holthause, Director of Finance and Administration for The Finance Project said, “We no longer have to issue e-mail reminders because [Web TimeSheet] does it automatically. We used to calculate leave balances manually in an Excel spreadsheet which was time-consuming and error-prone. [Web TimeSheet] calculates the balances automatically and employees can find out their balances without having to ask us. Scheduled leave and holidays are automatically placed on the timesheets so that employees don't forget to include them. [Before using Web TimeSheet], we used to have to make employees redo their timesheets because they were always forgetting holidays.”


Project Tracking – NuTekk Limited


NuTekk Ltd, a Business and Marketing company, specializes in taking technology to market. Working with a highly experienced team of consultants, NuTekk delivers a comprehensive range of services, including Business Analysis, Marketing, Planning, Channel Strategy, New Business Development, Marketing Engagement, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

NuTekk had little, if any, visibility into their projects. NuTekk's Project Managers had no way of identifying the level at which their teams were performing because consultants were not accountable for their hours. They sporadically entered their hours into Excel spreadsheets, which were, at best, only an estimate of where they spent their time. In addition, consultants were not tracking time towards specific tasks, and often entered their time only once a month. This led to inaccuracies, making client billing reports merely estimates of their billable time. As a result, NuTekk's clients were not getting the top quality service that the company promised.

With Web TimeSheet, NuTekk can now effortlessly manage their consultants, since consultants must enter the number of hours spent on each task, making them 100% accountable for their time. When consultants enter their time, it is fool-proof because they cannot enter time towards a task that has not been assigned to them, thus, eliminating errors.

Consultant and employee productivity levels have also increased since implementing Web TimeSheet. NuTekk can quickly determine which consultants aren't performing and increase resource utilization appropriately to better deliver on their projects.

"By having a standard place and format for reporting our project information, we have significantly improved the quality of our processes and deliverables," stated Paul Speary, Managing Director at NuTekk.

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