Are You Making the Most Out of Reporting and Dashboards?

Instinct or insight? Gut feeling or hard data? What do your business leaders and teams rely on while making decisions? You might be surprised to know that two-thirds of the CEOs make decisions solely based on intuition and emotion, suggests a new study. Many believe that there are two reasons behind this. The first is weak analytical capabilities. With siloed data from fragmented moving parts, leaders are unable to gain valuable insights. And two, even with data-driven capabilities, leaders still struggle to find deep-rooted inefficiencies. They don’t have access to real-time, accurate, actionable data across the entire business to drive increased utilization, revenue, and profitability.

To get the metrics the way you want and to improve collaboration with flexible reporting, a robust professional services automation tool, such as Polaris PSA, with a live dashboard and reporting options can play the role of a catalyst. We created Polaris to support every function, employee type, and location across geographies while bringing together data from all operations and systems. Akin to the brightest North Star (from where it derives its name), Polaris directs leaders and teams towards the best possible recommendations.

Polaris, a self-driving PSA, automatically harvests data from fragmented moving parts. Yet, it still returns answers to queries within just seconds. Polaris also recommends the best possible choices for you to decide from by doing the heavy lifting and analyzing real-time data.

Here are a few ways Polaris’ reporting and dashboard features can help you to stay on top of all your desired metrics.

Make Better Decisions with Accurate Data

Without accurate data, analytics holds no value. Data quality often acts as the missing link between data completeness and consistency. Leaders often question the authenticity of data, which leads to arguments and indecisiveness. Inaccurate data has real-world implications across industries. In professional services companies, accurate data runs as the lifeblood amongst project delivery, bidding, utilization, billing, and expenses (including revenue leakage).

A single source of truth for data can ensure the highest accuracy, consolidation, and consistency. Tools like MissionControl provides a comprehensive real-time view of the business pulse to the leaders. The dashboard is tailored to each leader’s needs but still allows them to access all the data in one place. Every leader gets their view and they can focus on practices, clients, projects, resources, and finances at one go. You can leverage Polaris PSA data into your favorite business intelligence tools as well. It can be customized to a specific role, but also operate off a common shared data platform with 100 percent accurate and consistent data. That means there are no data silos. It helps you understand the whole business and operate in harmony across groups.

The Self-Driving PSA Solution That Will Empower Your Enterprise

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Turn Data into Straightforward, Actionable Insights

Sifting through large amounts of data to draw out pertinent insights can be overwhelming. Do you want to visualize and explore granular data to uncover powerful new insights? Armed with meaningful analytics, with Polaris, you can seek higher levels of transparency from the process, project, and people.

It is possible to gain complete control over your service businesses with an intelligent self-driving PSA. You can make smart decisions with actionable, operational insights around all business metrics. Decode all project time and expense data anytime, anywhere and develop actionable insights that streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and save costs. Most importantly, share critical data with your ecosystem, from Salesforce to ServiceNow, to enable project and resource planning, billing, and revenue recognition.

Get Key Business Metrics at Your Fingertips

Polaris’ reporting features allow you to feel the pulse of your business instantly, identify critical metrics, and hit targets instantly. Among these are solutions that can be tailored for you; for example, customizing your project, resource, time, costs, and billing data in a way that meets your service business needs. Another key benefit is gaining granular visibility of any metrics of your choice. Our customizable dashboard and built-in templates can make it easy to manage your business in real time.

Access Scenario-Based Metrics, the Way You Want

For the most part, key metrics and long-term trends give you a bird’s-eye view of the business. But some situations (a new project, for instance) seek instant action. To catch sudden issues or bugs, you’ll need real-time measurement. With a live dashboard of such critical metrics, you can manage the business in real time. What’s more, you can visualize the data through custom charts and graphs. Without the need for running reports, you can utilize in-context summaries to analyze and track performance.

Better Collaboration with Flexible Reporting

If you have dabbled with essential report-building tools, you may have realized how unequipped they are to handle complex project mandates. As your projects grow, you will need reporting tools for projects and project management metrics and the capability to manage multiple inputs while unifying diverse stakeholders. With Polaris, you boost not only collaboration but also visibility for decision-makers. You give your stakeholders access to dashboards and choose their level of access. Moreover, you can create a customized graphical representation of your performance reporting and project management metrics, and schedule emails to share a quick snapshot of the progress.

Get Better Reporting Tools for Projects with Polaris

In services businesses, a steady flow of timely information among teams can help them working together so that they can use the data to drive insights and take immediate action. With Polaris’ reporting and dashboard functions, you can improve collaboration with flexible reporting. Keep decision-makers informed and share business-critical reports in real time with leaders or teams.

Issues like volatility, uncertainty, or fluctuating profitability are not new to businesses. To help you to be responsive and agile, Polaris will support you.

Discover more about Polaris’ reporting and dashboard functionalities with a live demo.

The Self-Driving PSA Solution That Will Empower Your Enterprise

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Krishanu works with the marketing team at Replicon. Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.


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