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Webinar Recap: New Ways to Manage Work-from-home Employees

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When the pandemic pushed the majority of employees to work from home, business leaders and project managers came under mounting pressure to run operations, projects, and resources remotely. The rise of the dispersed workforce working from different time zones and flexible work arrangements added significant complexity to project management.

Modern businesses that need granular visibility into operations and productivity of remote employees turn to the new agile time tracking. With real-time, accurate time data, business leaders can now manage remote employees, ensure business continuity and adapt to all the changes that come their way. They don’t need to lose out on revenue and profit opportunities due to gaps in processes and inefficient time tracking. They can uncover hidden efficiencies within their organization and drive more revenue opportunities.

In our webinar, we discussed how our agile and configurable time tracking capabilities empower businesses and improve revenue.

Key takeaways:

  • Agile and Configurable Time Tracking​ allows superfast, accurate capture, validation, and approvals of time data for in-the-now costing and billing.
  • Intelligent Timesheets enable the pre-filling of timesheets based on previous entries, project allocations, calendar appointments, and more
  • Intuitive Mobile Apps​​ empower the remote workforce to track their time on-the-go. Employees can track time, and managers can quickly validate and approve timesheets anywhere, anytime.
  • Accurate Project Costs​​ ensure real-time mapping of time to projects to give an exact comparison between the estimated and the actual costs. Group projects into programs to understand the bigger picture and manage cost at an aggregate level.
  • Estimates Vs. Actuals Tracking​​ so that managers can set estimates for costs, hours, and billing, easily compare estimates vs. actuals in real-time using dynamic in-context summary charts and comprehensive dashboards
  • Improved Billable Hours and Utilization​​ help business leaders map revenues to billable hours and set utilization targets at the organization, the department, and user level.
  • Accurate Costing, Billing, and Invoicing​​ let managers manage fixed-bid, T&M, or value-based projects. They can accurately work project costs with inputs from your resources and leverage multiple templates, discounting, and add ad-hoc invoice lines.
  • Flexible, Scalable, Global Cloud Platform​​ ​scales as the processes grow, meet all customization needs, and manage global location requirements, including support for languages and currencies.

You can watch the full webinar by clicking ​here​.

Top four Questions:

Q: How to restrict submissions when the hours have been exceeded for time entry? 
A: Validation rules ensure that time entry is accurate and clean. The timesheet will not accept any inflated submission that exceeds the specified budget or billable hours. It prevents the submission effort at its root and saves the approver’s time from meaningless back and forth. However, all validations can be reopened or configured at any time of the project to count a resource’s overtime, if there is any – upon the supervisor’s approval. Intelligent approvals validate data in real-time for exceptions or events and route timesheets for approvals as per specific requirements.

Q: How to restrict the timesheet from reopening by the user? 
A: After timesheets are submitted (and invoiced) to the client, timesheets can be locked from reopening using a validation rule. With the configurable timesheet template option, users can be prevented from reopening or editing invoiced timesheets. If at all requirements of such arise, the new deltas can be considered as new billing items for the invoice.

Q: If we need to delete any user, we need to delete the attached timesheets first. How to delete a user w/o deleting timesheets? 
A: It isn’t possible to delete a user who had data entered, but it is possible to disable their account. Disabling an account is useful if an employee leaves your company, either permanently or temporarily, since it frees a license, but retains a record of their time and settings for future references and compliance audits.

Q: How do we set up approval escalations 
A: Approval paths define the user or users who are responsible for approving items and the approval sequence. For timesheets, expenses, or time-off approvals, the administrator can set the approval path, add roles and additional approvers as required. Conditional approval rules lets you automatically escalate approvals when certain criteria are met.

Watch the full presentation:

On-demand Webinar

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Krishanu works with the marketing team at Deltek | Replicon. Deltek | Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Deltek | Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.


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