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Replicon Launches Bold Vision and Elevated Product Experience to Align Finance, HR and Project Delivery

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Global Business With a Single Source of Truth and a Unified AI-Powered Platform for People, Projects, Skills and Time Data.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Replicon has unveiled a new brand identity and an elevated user experience to augment its bold vision for global organizations. The rebranding reinforces Replicon’s commitment to creating a unified platform that not only improves the user experience but also:

  • Unlocks more business value – at a time when there is an increased focus on employee engagement
  • Empowers all business functions, including Finance, HR and Project Delivery
  • Eliminates data silos by creating a single source of truth for people, projects, time and skills data
  • Empowers business leaders to make strategic business decisions

The rapid transformation of business models and digital innovation has brought a change across the global industry. Organizations have adopted diverse hybrid and remote work models which is making delivery of projects on time and within budget a major challenge. To solve this, Replicon brings to you Knowledge Workforce Management Solution. With a modern UI and an elevated product experience, you can:

Replicon’s new product experience augments its bold vision of enabling global organizations to unlock more value for their business.

  • Gain a single source of truth for your entire organization for people, projects, time and skills
  • Facilitate 100% employee engagement, and higher project profitability and margins
  • Improve project revenue and reduce operational costs
  • Increase employee productivity and optimize resource management

The platform is powered by ZeroTime™ – an AI-powered revolution in time tracking which automatically captures accurate work and time data from more than 100 collaboration and productivity tools such as desktop, calendars, Zoom, email, Slack, and many more. This advanced data alignment and real-time visibility brings harmony across Finance, HR and Project Delivery teams in an organization.

Global businesses trust Replicon’s powerful, robust and flexible platform for its:

  • Comprehensive suite of products that provide a unified view to manage project billing and costing, time and attendance tracking, workforce management, professional services automation and project portfolio management.
  • Accurate and real-time data that enables informed decision-making.
  • Agility and ability to quickly adapt to our customers’ business needs.
  • Support for multiple locations with localized languages and currencies.
  • Worldwide cloud delivery offering data security, privacy and data residency services.
  • Ease of scalability from 100k – 500k users, supporting businesses of all sizes and processing large volumes of data.
  • Ability to reduce administrative overhead and increase resource utilization with automated time capture.
  • 100% global wage and hour compliance with global laws and rules related to work, overtime, minimum wages, and time off.
  • Ability to reduce revenue leakages and uncover hidden revenue opportunities with a single source of truth for time and project data.

The rebranding fortifies Replicon’s vision and commitment to continuously create innovative solutions for its customers across the globe. Key elements of Replicon’s new brand identity include:

  • New Logo: As the representation of the company, people, and brand, the refreshed logo is rooted in the concept of growth, innovation, and future-readiness.
  • New Color Palette: The new core colors represent confidence, intelligence, intuition, and sensitivity. The vibrant colors enhance the overall product experience for users.

All New Product Interface

Replicon’s new product interface enables users across all experience levels to easily discover, understand and use Replicon products more efficiently and faster, creating a more pleasant product experience. Key features of the new interface include:

  • Simple and Clean Layout: The new neat layout ensures users are not unnecessarily overwhelmed when using the product.
  • Fast and Smooth Performance: The sleek design enables faster transitions when navigating from one capability to another.
  • Elevated Design Sensibilities: Intricate details and small elements have been carefully designed to create a holistic user experience.
  • Modern Mobile UI: The new mobile interface allows users to navigate through the app intuitively, making it easier to complete tasks and achieve their objectives..
  • Seamless Navigation: The product menu bars have been redesigned to enhance the overall navigation experience. This means that users can find the product capabilities they need more quickly and easily.
  • Responsive UI: The responsive UI renders content seamlessly on a wide variety of web and mobile devices to ensure better usability and user satisfaction.
  • Improved Accessibility and Readability: Elegant and authoritative fonts are used to improve visual hierarchy for improved readability and accessibility. Combined with more white space and larger fonts, this hierarchy ensures enhanced legibility.

“As businesses are becoming data-driven organizations, Replicon’s new bold vision and elevated product experience will provide organizations with a single source of truth for people, projects, skills and time. Our Knowledge Workforce Management Solution complements this vision by enabling organizations to navigate the current industry disruption,” said Lakshmi Raj, Co-CEO at Replicon. She further added, “Our revolutionary ZeroTime capabilities will be game changing for the industry and elevate the overall employee experience.”

About Replicon

Replicon provides a comprehensive solution for managing the complex demands of project-based businesses by bringing together Project Delivery, Finance, and HR on a single platform. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, Replicon’s market-leading Workforce Management Solutions provide a single source of truth for Time, Expense, Projects, Resources, Skills, Billing, Costing, Pay, Revenue Recognition, and Compliance. These solutions have achieved 100% user adoption, ensuring businesses have real-time access to accurate data for informed decision-making.

Powered by AI, Replicon’s platform is designed for global scalability and configurability, enabling businesses to empower teams for both global governance and local administration, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined business operations. Replicon has established a strong global presence, serving businesses across 68 countries and 25 industries, including Fortune 100 companies.

With its innovative, user-friendly platform and partnerships with leading organizations like SAP, Microsoft, Sage Intact, Salesforce, Google, and ServiceMax, Replicon provides an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to maximize their success.

Replicon has been recognized by multiple industry groups as a best-in-class solution, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to enhance their operations and achieve their full potential. For more information, please visit

Original Source: PR Newswire

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