Replicon helps businesses transform time management into time intelligence at the APA Congress 2019

It’s no secret that keeping a global, multi-location business running smoothly can be fraught with challenges. It’s only when one begins itemizing each moving part that it can begin to feel overwhelming: supervising multiple employee types, local payroll vendors, and providers; securely tracking and managing a remote workforce; ensuring compliance with relevant pay rules – the list goes on.

With the right tools for the job, an organization can run like a well-oiled machine – it just so happens that most businesses lack the right tools. The question is, then: what are they? This is where Replicon’s Gross Time and Global Pay Automation solution steps in. Built to manage all complex gross pay, labor compliance, and diverse workforce management needs, read on to see a comprehensive list of features that cover all the bases:

A Unified, Flexible Time & Attendance Platform

Replicon’s all-inclusive time tracking platform relies on a single source of truth for time across diverse, multi-locational offices – improving visibility, accuracy, and control over gross pay. From 10 to 100,000 employees, Replicon’s scalable solution eliminates the need for error-prone manual processes, multiple vendors, and cost-prohibitive customization. Our customers enjoy our built-in configurability, differentiating us from other vendors by meeting all specific localization needs, and keeping deployment times short – often only a few weeks.

Complex Gross Pay: Automated

Gross pay grows increasingly more complicated when other elements are introduced to the fray, such as job costing, crews, unionized workers, or collective bargaining agreements. With the ability to build these requirements directly into Replicon’s platform, the need to create custom workflows and customizations for each case is obsolete. Businesses can capture as many additional attributes as required to ensure gross pay information is accurate for downstream processing.

Compliance Across Any Geography

There’s no shortcut – the only way to alleviate compliance concerns is to make sure every local, regional, national, and international regulation is accounted for. With a continually updated, preconfigured rules library for over 60+ countries, Replicon’s workforce management platform ensures compliance by design. Over-the-air updates together with real-time rule monitoring and a convenient compliance dashboard keep businesses up-to-date on adherence to all policies, while freeing HR/Payroll teams from the search for local vendors and manual solutions in each city, region, or country.

Modern and Mobile-First

Truly effective time management must be unobtrusive, uncomplicated, and accessible. With a native Android and iOS application, Replicon’s platform provides an enterprise mobile-ready solution for remote and deskless workers. Advanced technology including face identification, geo-fencing, chatbots, and intelligent time clocks make time tracking a conversation. Businesses can use this centralized, cutting-edge system to gather detailed data about the activities and jobs performed, as well as associated costs and locations, keeping all departments on the same page.

Complete Visibility into Scheduling and Absences

Simplify staffing and scheduling with insight into employee availability and absences using Replicon’s self-service features such as requesting time off, exporting calendars, and sharing with colleagues and supervisors. Businesses can stay on top of costs, productivity, and overtime with selected, automated accruals, resets, holidays, limits, effective dates and more for every location. Real-time communication regarding shift updates provides agency to both supervisors and their teams.

Smooth Integrations

Minimize change management and save both time and money with Replicon’s fully configurable plug-and-play features. No need to disrupt the company’s existing ecosystem with costly fixes – integrate with any HRMS, Payroll, ERP or proprietary system needed for accelerated deployment.

Sound good? Meet Replicon at the Annual Payroll Association Congress 2019 to get a live demo or learn more about how we can truly transform your business.

  • Visit our Booth at #315 & enter our raffle for an Apple Watch a Day!
  • Meet the team and win cool swag
  • See demos of the latest and greatest platform features
  • Attend our Pay on the Edge, Play on the Edge party!
  • See you there!

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    Sara Longini
    Sara Longini
    Sara works in Content Marketing and Social Media at Replicon. Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.
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