Introducing ZeroTime™: Revolutionary Time Tracking With AI-powered Timesheets

Do you remember what you did at the workplace last week? Do you spend more than 15 minutes every day filling your work timesheet? Or worse, spend most of your Friday afternoons reconstructing your workweek to account for your billable time? You’re not alone! For, a study by Replicon revealed that up to 28% of employees spend more than an hour per week to complete their timesheets. 

With the widespread implementation of hybrid digital work models, the way employee productivity has traditionally been defined and measured is no longer applicable. Organizations need to reconcile the changing dynamics of what constitutes productivity.  In a future where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are fully instilled in every organization, it is important to outgrow the current monolithic legacy systems and have in place fully-digitized ecosystems across the entire value chain.

Today’s employees need real-time, intelligent data insights to solve everyday challenges. They should no longer be distracted by manual tasks like filling timesheets. Instead, they must focus on maximizing billable hours, profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction even as they deliver projects on time and within budget. 

Therefore, eliminating multiple disparate systems and rebuilding a connected ecosystem will help organizations achieve a single source of truth of your billable time. Cloud-first time tracking platforms that are purpose-built on predictive analytics, open APIs, machine learning, and true AI empower employees with unprecedented insights into the time spent by them.  

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Organizations Need to Adopt this Reality Sooner

Today, professional services firms must navigate through the interconnected digital landscape to gain competitive advantage. According to McKinsey Global Institute, organizations have invested approximately USD 40 billion in AI technology. The 21st-century business ecosystem is digitizing, and organizations need to reimagine technology platforms and embed new innovation and digital architectures.  

Accurate data is a vital ingredient for success in the new normal. However, to handle exponential demands for data, the traditional services model relies on complex IT architectures that affect data accuracy. 

According to a study conducted by Replicon, a whopping half of the respondents believe that time data is not accurate by 25%. About 22% of the respondents trust their time data to be only 50% accurate. Therefore, an organization-wide ecosystem centered around data accuracy is vital to thrive in the hybrid digital economy. To facilitate a data-led work environment and enable real-time visibility into work time data that fuels transparency, more emphasis should be placed on cloud enablement. 

Moving Ahead to Gain Freedom from Timesheets 

To retain their edge in the market, organizations must empower their workforce with new-age technology tools and solutions. Else, employees end up expending a lot of time and efforts working across multiple systems. These systems create data silos and constrain employees’ ability to work seamlessly across teams and departments. Inconsistent and erroneous data can further frustrate employees. 

To preempt this situation wisely, organizations need a solution that can streamline processes, simplify day-to-day operations and decrease the time spent on labor-intensive tasks. Replicon’s ZeroTime™ – a breakthrough, revolutionary innovation in time tracking – can simplify the process of tracking time to meet the changing workplace needs. ZeroTime™ leverages AI and ML capabilities to quickly and easily capture all your work activity accurately, so that you don’t have to do it manually. Everything is recorded in a timeline that only you can access, providing a completely objective digital memory of your workday. Employees no longer have to use timers and manual notes to track their time. 

Timesheet-free Intelligent Time Tracking – A Revolutionary Change

With ZeroTime™, employees can fill timesheets with minimal effort as their work time data is automatically captured from work apps and collaboration tools like emails, calendars, etc. By accelerating time capture, the quote-to-cash cycle can be shortened too. ZeroTime™ offers multi-currency and multilingual capabilities, built-in compliance and global governance to facilitate the frictionless operations of professional services organizations. 

Replicon’s ZeroTime™ offers:

  1. Freedom from manual time tracking:  ZeroTime™ – the future of “No Timesheets” – liberates your employees from filling traditional timesheets by letting AI do the heavy lifting. It offers effort-free, AI/ML-powered time tracking by automatically collecting time data from different work applications and tools that you use on a daily basis. ZeroTime™ also helps improve efficiencies, enhance employee productivity and increase profitability. Accurate work time data helps business leaders to make quick and more informed business decisions.
  2. Capture accurate work time data: ZeroTime™ acts as an intelligent layer between your hybrid workforce and the work apps that they use. It offers pre-built integrations with 100+ collaboration and productivity tools such as Slack, Zoom, Microsoft, Jira, Asana, Microsoft Project and more, to accurately record and assemble employee time data, giving you real-time visibility into employee time spent across various project tasks. Users/organizations stay in control of what data they want to share by reviewing the automatically curated timesheet before submission. They can delete, add, or modify their work time data effortlessly.
  3. Single source of truth for time: ZeroTime™ offers a single source of truth for work time data, enabling more accurate costing, billing, pay and delivery. It also enhances workforce productivity and increases project profitability with 100% accurate data. ZeroTime™ tracks real-time progress on tasks against set targets for improved productivity.

Automatic Time Tracking is the Future

With internal digital transformation resolved, organizations can concentrate on billable projects better. ZeroTime™ simplifies an organization’s ability to strengthen resource allocation and maximize resource utilization through more accurate time tracking. 

Cloud-based time tracking offers organizations a competitive advantage and an ecosystem that anticipates and serves the future needs of the stakeholders. To compete in the hybrid digital future, organizations must enhance the employee experience through accurate project data for time-tracking. Get started on your hybrid digital journey today with ZeroTime™. 

Investing in ZeroTime™ will drive operational efficiency and productivity, reduce billing cycles and revenue leakage, and improve cash flow and profitability. By turning your time into a strategic asset, it infuses superior project management capabilities into your organizational system.

Do you want to understand the advantages of unifying enterprise time tracking for your organization? Sign up for our exclusive access. 

No More Time Tracking.
Let ZeroTime™ Do It For You.

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Shivani Bajaj


Shivani Bajaj

Shivani is an Associate Director of Product Marketing at Replicon. She is a technology enthusiast who loves tinkering with technology products. Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.


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