How Your Enterprise Can Benefit from Automated Time Tracking

Time is our most valuable resource, but it is often the most challenging to manage. It can’t be stored, so instead we must “use it or lose it.” The trick is in using it wisely. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average full-time employee works 8.5 hours each weekday. In a 500 person company, that’s 21,250 hours per week and more than 1 million hours annually. How you use those hours is what gives your enterprise a competitive edge. But when time slips through the cracks, productivity is diminished and performance takes a hit. However, there is a solution to take back your productivity and optimize performance across your entire team.

Automated time tracking will give you insights that enable you to uncover time loss, reporting errors, and revenue leakage, and help you recover both performance and productivity. Not only will it free up your time, it will help save seconds, hours, and minutes across your enterprise, which will add up to greater efficiency and a stronger bottom line. And with the continued shift to remote work, automation has become more than a “nice to have”…it’s a necessity.

Here are the ways that an automatic time tracker, as offered by Replicon’s comprehensive time tracking suite, will make your enterprise more productive and higher-performing.

Benefits of Automated Time Tracking from Replicon

Benefit #1: Free Up More Time for Billable Hours

Non-billable hours eat up a lot of time that might be better spent meeting project goals and delivering paying work to clients. When employees spend hours catching up on timesheets, expense reports, and other administrative tasks, they lose valuable time they could be spending on moving a project forward. The automated time tracker from Replicon solves this issue. Fully-configurable timesheets allow you to capture the precise data you need, and eliminate what you don’t. Manage both billable and non-billable hours by client to get a complete picture on time waste and loss. Plus, save even more time with pre-populated timesheets that make it easy for employees to submit, and easy for you to review, to get everyone back on the clock.

Benefit #2: Ensure Zero Time and Billing Errors

Sometimes, in an effort to maintain productivity, you begin to rush through tasks in order to maintain momentum. This is, unfortunately, counterproductive, and can impact performance when errors go unnoticed or are glossed over. Automated time tracking addresses this problem by offering enhanced validations, instant notifications, and intelligent approvals. Ensure zero billing mistakes with advanced timesheet validations, and configure them to meet the needs and regulations of your enterprise. Our configurable timesheets ensure accuracy, so you always know that no amount of time is unaccounted for. With real-time alerts, you’ll be notified when something requires your attention, so you can take care of it in-the-moment, then get back to your to-do list. Plus, to increase efficiency and reduce questions or confusion, you can set up dynamic workflows and routing to ensure timesheets are always distributed correctly and multi-level approvals make sense.

Benefit #3: Track Budgets to Actuals in Real Time

If your enterprise is still tracking time weekly or (worse) monthly, you’re likely leaving a lot of hours and dollars on the table. When you have visibility into how employees are managing time as it happens, you can make faster decisions, avoid going over budget, and keep deadlines and projects on target. Without automated time tracking, identifying and mitigating issues may come too late for an adequate resolution. Replicon’s real-time progress tracking gives you instant insight into how employees are managing their hours so you can help them increase productivity in the moment.

Benefit #4: Make Remote Team Management Easier

Many enterprise teams found themselves shifting to remote work in the last year, but in truth, remote work had been evolving and growing long before the pandemic. Your employees, whether fully remote or not, are likely putting in hours outside of the office, and relying on manual timesheets is a sure way to lose sight of project goals and blast through budgets.

The key to improving productivity and performance is to give them an easy, hassle-free way to track their time from anywhere. Replicon’s mobile time tracking app puts the power at their fingertips. Mobile timesheets ensure accurate tracking from any location and give you instant visibility. Schedule real-time alerts to keep employees on-task, and utilize the chatbot for instant timesheet completion and approvals. Advanced capabilities like facial and touch recognition, along with GPS enablement and geofencing, make time tracking unobtrusive, easy, and error-free, so employees can focus on being more productive and hitting goals, rather than gathering and submitting timesheets.

Benefit #5: Utilize Analytics to Identify Problems Before They Occur

Advanced analytics is about so much more than numbers. Our dashboards offer you customizable, visual insight into how time is being managed, so you can find gaps and create solutions in real-time. Data instantly syncs to your reports, so you’ll have an immediate big-picture view into projects and time, aligned with your key business metrics. Making data-driven decisions will allow you to be more proactive, so you’ll spend less time putting out fires and more time meeting goals.

Bottom line: time is money, and losing time means losing dollars. Maintain productivity and heighten performance across your enterprise by automating time tracking. Leave the details to us, and stay focused on meeting goals and achieving project success.

Interested in learning more? View a demo of our comprehensive project time tracking suite.

Project Time Tracking Demo →

Wendi Williams


Wendi Williams

Wendi Williams is a freelance writer based in Indianapolis, IN, with over a decade of experience writing for a variety of industries from healthcare to manufacturing to nonprofit.

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