Gain complete leverage over your current and future services and business profitability, resource utilization, and financial cash flows.

Improve Resource Utilization

Resource utilization is one of the key levers Services Organizations can manage to optimize their financial performance. Replicon supports setting productivity targets for individual resources. These targets can then be aggregated and managed to drive performance and productivity at the individual, project, group, or company level. They can also be used to forecast future needs and manage bench strength.

Enhance Project Profitability

Project, Billing, and Finance managers gain clear visibility into profitability, progress, billing status, and budgets, while maintaining compliance in a hassle-free manner. These valuable metrics enable organizations to optimize their operations, without sacrificing their unique service delivery workflow processes.

Boost Finance Control

Project Managers and Finance teams can gain full visibility into their projects’ financial health in real-time and monitor key metrics – budgets, estimates, costs, margins, WIP, billings, bookings etc. Ensure end-to-end revenue management with configurable contract modeling, revenue recognition abilities, and progress towards reaching margin goals, billing status, and billings compared to WIP, budgets, and estimates.


This release greatly expands on the industry-leading financial management and service delivery capabilities of Replicon’s Business Operations solutions.

Contract Modeling
Contract Modeling

Current solutions support simplistic contract models. However, billing models are becoming more complex as the professional services industry becomes more competitive. Replicon’s advanced contract modeling solution supports a full range of contract types from simple contracts based on time and materials or milestones to custom contracts built using Replicon’s powerful scripting platform.

End-to-end Billing Workflow Management

Replicon’s Billing Workbench enables end-to-end visibility and alignment across an organization’s entire billing workflow. It supports the validating exceptions, making adjustments, and adding discounts without resorting to Excel spreadsheets. This unified platform shortens time to bill and reduces errors due to manual intervention, thus improving traceability and minimizing revenue leakage.

End-to-end Billing Workflow Management

Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition

Replicon’s Revenue Recognition capabilities empowers Services Organizations to easily configure how and when to recognize revenue from their operations. For example, this may be based on the percentage of work completed, milestones delivered or a custom formula. Industry standards for revenue recognition, ASC 606 and IFRS 15, are supported out of the box.

Services Delivery Workflow

Replicon’s Service Delivery Workflows allows Services Organizations to easily orchestrate their workflows and manage project stage transitions to improve collaboration and service delivery. This enables Project Managers to easily collaborate with Finance and Billing teams to make quick decisions based on true project profitability.

End-to-end Billing Workflow Management

“A common recurring theme we’ve seen with professional services customers is that everyone has metrics, but it’s not based on a centralized system of record. So everyone’s definition of what those metrics mean within the company are different,” said Scott Bales, VP Solution Engineering and Implementation at Replicon. “This confusion leads to revenue leakage, overhead, and oversight all of which add to this profitability myth. Replicon’s Time Intelligence platform solves this problem by providing a single source of truth – time. This provides businesses with the holistic view they need to be confident in their data and profitability metrics.”

Scott Bales, VP Solution Engineering and Implementation, Replicon

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