Improve operational excellence, productivity, and profitability with AI-powered technologies.

Fast and Frictionless Tracking

The time wasted fumbling with a badge or credentials add up quickly and slows clock lines. Now with unobtrusive facial recognition and chatbots, time tracking is seamless and productivity is unaffected.

Configure to your Unique Needs

No business should have to work it’s way around a one-size fits all solution. With our intelligent business process workflows companies can customize their solution to optimize their process and keep overhead low.

Turn Time into a Strategic Asset

Treating time as a valuable asset is a competitive advantage. Spend less time tracking and more time understanding the true cost and use of your time so you can optimize processes maximize utilization.

Facial Recognition

Quick and seamless facial recognition not only eliminates buddy punching, but gives you the benefits of biometrics without the additional hardware costs. This instant authentication also extends to mobile devices, using Touch ID® and Face ID®, to log users in automatically.

Intuitive Chatbot

Replicon’s AI-powered personal assistant makes time tracking and approvals even more effortless. Employees can talk to the chatbot just as they would a colleague, leading to greater adoption and a smoother time management process.

Intuitive Interface

Mobile enterprise
Intelligent Business Process Workflows

Tailor the approval process to your unique needs with intelligent business process workflows. Validate data in real-time with exception-based processes. Enable supervisors to make better informed decisions by removing the noise of irrelevant data and giving them visibility into the areas that matter most.

“We’ve started to look at our business differently across the board, and time is just one measure to help us better succeed. Whether it’s evaluating team efficiencies, resource utilization against projects, or product development and investment, Replicon has been the tool that we trust to help us improve effectiveness.”

John Young, Chief of Staff (RDO Division), Blackbaud

Leverage AI To Transform Time Tracking Into Time Intelligence

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