Web TimeSheet Just Got Better – Again!

Today, as the remote and hybrid workforce continue to rise, web timesheets have become indispensable to track employee time. At Replicon, we’ve been improving our web timesheets to meet evolving needs of our customers. Our online timesheets enable organizations of all sizes to manage their employees time and track projects on a centralized web-based system. In this blog, we will explore why Replicon’s web timesheet is better than the other alternatives available in the market.

Track Up-to-the-Minute Project Time with 100% Accuracy

Organizations moving to remote and hybrid workforce need web timesheets that can track project time of employees working both on-premises and remotely, with full accuracy. This is why we’ve designed our web timesheets to help project managers and employees capture and track time the way they want with pre-built or custom templates for all projects, tasks, and activities.

Our mobile-ready web timesheets enable your field employees to update their time entries on the go, saving them from the hassle of remembering all the tasks they did during the week to log later. Moreover, our Zero Touch time tracking automatically captures employee time from various users and systems to automatically fill timesheets and present them for review.This ensures that no client billable hours are missed for invoicing.

Zero Touch Overview

Our web timesheets scale as a business grows and can be customized to meet new business requirements. Replicon is a global and secure platform. It acts as a single source of truth for all project time tracking across all locations and groups while supporting local needs like templates, currencies, and languages.

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Track Estimates Vs. Actuals in Real Time

When working on multiple projects, you need to closely monitor the hours and costs every day to keep projects on track and make course corrections before overruns occur. To allow managers to track estimates against actuals, Replicon lets them set target hours and estimated cost for every project.

Replicon’s dashboard gives you a centralized view of all your web timesheets and other related data. The information coming from desktop and mobile devices is updated instantly to enable you to track estimates vs. actuals. The real-time data gives a bigger picture of your project time, costs, resources, and billing, enabling managers to make proactive and data-driven decisions to reduce project overheads and maximize profits.

Enhance Resource Utilization

Employee time gives deeper insights into how productive their billable hours are. The more time your employees spend on billable projects, the greater your profit margin gets. While you can’t increase the number of hours in a workday, you can definitely leverage web timesheets to manage resource utilization.

Since the time spent on projects is updated instantly, managers can track resource productivity in real time. At any given time, you can use the dashboard or custom reports to see all the projects a resource is working on and then use that information to ensure a resource is spending more time on billable projects generating higher revenue.

Accurate Costing and Billing

If you’re like most of the other enterprise businesses out there, then we know that your project time data is often spread across multiple siloed systems such as your CRM, PSA, HCM, payroll, project management, on-premise databases, and more. These data fragments lead to costing and billing inaccuracies. Remember the time when you underbilled a client because the project time recorded in your on-premise system got buried in the system? Or the time you had to delay billing as you did not have up-to-date details or mobile access?

With Replicon’s web timesheets, you can rest assured that all of your project time will be accounted for and billed accurately.

Firstly, our solution lets you track billable and non-billable hours by project and easily assign it to single or multiple clients. You can even have configurable billing rates that can be automatically applied to get billing information in an instant.

Secondly, Replicon provides seamless integration with all the software you already use for keeping your business up and running. With the plug-and-play capabilities, you can send and receive project information across your enterprise ecosystem, including your accounting, invoicing, payroll, and business intelligence tools.

Forecast Project Hours

Accurate project time data is the fuel that drives near-reality project forecasting and budgeting. With Replicon’s web timesheets businesses can accurately track time to get reliable time data that you can use for better project forecasting. Furthermore, complete visibility into the project pipeline, resources, and skill requirements ensures that you can better predict resource needs when bidding for projects. You can even analyze resource availability by skill set to proactively hire or retrain resources to deliver projects on time.

Using Web timesheets for Project Time Tracking

We’ve all heard time and again that what gets measured gets managed. Now that remote employees have become an inevitable part of your workforce, you need a web timesheet to track all your project time with full accuracy.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage web timesheets to better manage your remote and hybrid workforce? Download our new ebook.


Identify Bottlenecks. Track Progress. Harvest Data

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Shree Krupa


Shree Krupa

Shree is content marketing manager at Replicon. She likes to write about technology trends that are shaping the future of the workplace. Replicon provides award-winning products that make it easy to manage your workforce. With complete solution sets for client billing, project costing, and time and attendance management, Replicon enables the capture, administration, and optimization of your most underutilized and important asset: time.


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