Payroll effort

80%Of global payroll effort

Goes towards dealing with the 20% of your smallest regions to achieve centralized visibility into global time and gross pay

Most global organizations have solid gross pay implementations for their largest regions, but use a variety of outsourced and ad hoc solutions to handle the rest. Dealing with the smallest 20% of regions can often can take 80% of your efforts to achieve global time and payroll visibility.

Additionally, successfully navigating local compliance in those smaller regions can be complex and expensive.

These challenges are solved by Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform – a unified, scalable system to easily manage global time and attendance, time off, gross pay, and wage-and-hour compliance.

Get a Unified View of Gross Pay on a Single Time IntelligenceTM Platform
  • Treat time like you treat money, resources, and materials – as a valuable asset
  • Understand time spent via a unified global view and connect it to your company’s work, accomplishments, events, and results
  • Handle the complexity of multiple locations with multiple employee types and multiple local payroll vendors and providers
  • Eliminate Excel and manual ad hoc processes to piece together global gross pay
  • Leverage Payroll WorkBench® – a flexible platform to manage gross pay transactions
  • Provide the single source of truth for time and gross pay across your organization, delivering Replicon’s Time Intelligence around the globe

Gross Pay

global governance
Intelligently Manage Compliance with Global Governance and Local Administration
  • Employ a unified platform to manage wage-and-hour compliance in different geographies
  • Automatically comply with variations in requirements, business policies, and local laws that cannot be handled by a single vendor
  • Build in global gross pay compliance library at the core with proactive monitoring and notifications to keep businesses aware of the changes
  • Update and build in change management continuously to minimize issues around labor law updates
  • Eliminate the need to depend on an individual or team to interpret and manage local compliance

Scalability and Complete Coverage for All Locations
  • Replicon is built from ground up for scalability and handling global deployments, enabling real-time access to time and gross pay data
  • Deploy Replicon globally or get quick ROI by starting in second-tier countries where no comprehensive gross pay solution is implemented
  • Add locations with zero fixed costs and minimal incremental operating costs and effort
  • Choose languages based on where your employees are, eliminate translation needs, and provide a better user experience
  • Eliminate local time vendors and associated management overhead


Flexible and Agile Solution Tailored to your Enterprises Needs
  • Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform is customizable to your unique requirements and supports comprehensive end-to-end workflows
  • It is third-party agnostic, easily integrating with major payroll, HCM, and ERP apps
  • Scriptable framework for adjustments suits your business needs without long customization projects
  • Agile platform enables appropriate tweaks to adjust to the right fit
Mobile and Non-Intrusive Data Capture Deliver on Your Unique Needs
  • Advanced mobile app meets the self-service requirements of your remote, mobile, and deskless workforce
  • Modern user interfaces and non-intrusive time data capture drive rapid adoption
  • Intelligent time clock with advanced features including Facial Recognition

Mobile Apps

The Replicon Solution for Global Time & Gross Pay Automation Solves a Host of Challenges

multi-location workforce

Inability to handle a diverse multi-location workforce

Vacuum in knowledge management

Vacuum in knowledge management of pay and policy data

increased cost of outsourcing gross pay

Challenges due to increased cost of outsourcing gross pay

Risks associated with labor compliance

Risks associated with labor compliance

Errors and payroll leakage

Errors and payroll leakage

“Replicon is a big part of our future as Adtalem grows. We’re looking forward to further optimizing the way we use it so we can keep realizing additional efficiencies to every extent possible.”

Bill Lumani, Senior Director of HR Services, Adtalem

Get time intelligent today.

See how Replicon can solve your global gross pay challenges with an accelerated ROI.


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