Why is Streamlining Global Time and Gross Pay A Tall Order?

diverse workforce
Inability to handle a diverse workforce
  • Multiple locations with multiple employees types and multiple local payroll vendors and providers increases complexity.
  • Too many variations in requirements, business policies, and local laws that cannot be handled by a single vendor.
  • Many edge case scenarios need manual intervention and cumbersome tracking in excel.

A vacuum in knowledge management
  • Data sharing and management through Excel increases potential for errors and information gaps.
  • Collation, validations, and consolidation processes need to be handled in excel causing huge administrative overheads.
  • “Eye of the toad” challenges- Reliance on a few individuals to keep the processes going.
knowledge management

outsourced gross pay
Exorbitant cost of outsourced Gross pay service
  • Need to manage too many vendors to get gross pay done.
  • Automating gross pay for jurisdictions with fewer employees means large startup and fixed costs – no economies of scale.

A Liability Risk
  • Lack of visibility and control on gross pay processes and global compliance requirements.
  • No centralized system makes it difficult to get a unified view of gross pay.
  • Manual handling of labor compliance exposes entire business to increased risks.
labor compliance liability

international compliance requirements
Inability to handle compliance
  • Lack of understanding of local compliance needs on a global basis.
  • No consistent processes to handle global compliance.
  • Business depends on a person or team to interpret and manage local compliance.

Constant and reactive employee pay corrections
  • Complex pay structures and manual process increase errors.
  • Erroneous checks lead to payroll leakage, rework and increase in payroll costs.
increase payroll accuracy

USDA logo
“With Replicon, we have significantly minimized the administrative burden on our teams. Our accounting department, for example, has significantly simplified the coding, and subsequently the data collected, in our mandated payroll system, to rely heavily on Replicon to understand the percentage of time spent on jobs to fine-tune our service level agreements, performance measures and unit costs.”

John Gambriel, Program Manager, USDA
Replicon’s blueprint for Global Time and Gross Pay

global gross pay solution
A global solution on a single Time Intelligence Platform
  • Replicon enables businesses with an enterprise-grade product that supports global gross pay and compliance.
  • Our modern user interface and a native mobile application drive rapid adoption even with diverse employee types.
  • Our Time Intelligence Platform is customizable to your unique requirements and supports comprehensive end-to-end workflows including global payroll with compliance.

Product vs service approach
  • Replicon is built from ground up for scalability and handling global deployments enabling real-time access to time and gross pay data.
  • Comprehensive gross pay engine powered by Global Pay Rules Library.
  • Payroll WorkBench® – a flexible platform to manage gross pay transactions.
  • Integrated with major payroll providers and ERP apps.
centralized gross pay data

global labor compliance
Continuous global Compliance at the core
  • Unified platform to manage wage and benefit compliance.
  • Built in global gross pay compliance library at the core.
  • Continuous updates and built-in change management to minimize issues around labor law updates.
  • Proactive monitoring and notifications to keep businesses aware of the changes.

A single platform that scales across geographies
  • Replicon provides the single source of truth for time and gross pay across your organization.
  • No more excel and manual adhoc processes to piece together gross pay.
  • Handle all your location specific requirements across geographies with complete visibility.
time and gross pay platform

scalable global payroll management
Scale without startup costs or implementation effort
  • Eliminate local time vendors and associated headaches of having to manage them.
  • With Replicon you incur minimal incremental operating costs and zero fixed costs and effort.
  • Complete scalability to meet your business needs around locations and employees in these locations.

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