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CloudClock Datasheet

CloudClock Datasheet

Make physical time collection easy with an intelligent, cloud-connected time clock solution.
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With our time clock app for employees you gain:
Bullet point icon Real-time visibility and reporting
Bullet point icon Seamless connectivity to your Replicon Platform
Bullet point icon Automatic updates

Track Employee Time with Ease and Accuracy

Replicon CloudClock takes the headache out of tracking employee time physically with an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that is flexible and easy to deploy. Offered on iOS tablet devices, organizations can download and install the time clock application on devices that may already own in-house. Getting started with CloudClock is easy. Download the app on your Apple tablet, connect it to your enterprise Replicon account and start tracking time and attendance immediately, without the need for any training, thanks to its intuitive user interface. CloudClock supports different shifts and employee types within the same devices, making for a cost effective, versatile solution. Employees can use CloudClock to complete additional self-service tasks including viewing and requesting time off, viewing their schedules if applicable, and seeing their punch history. Note: Device can be used offline to collect data.

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