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Global Time and Gross Pay Automation

Global Time and Gross Pay Automation

Streamline global time data management and gross pay compliance.
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With Global Time and Gross Pay Automation You Can:
Bullet point icon Take care of all your big and small countries on a single platform that scales across geographies.
Bullet point icon Scale across geographies without fixed startup costs and implementation effort.
Bullet point icon Get the most out of your global workforce.

Global gross pay solution built on a single scalable Time Intelligence® Platform

Having disparate systems to account for varying complexities such as multiple countries and multiple employee types has led to data silos with management through insecure, shared excel spreadsheets, and administrative overheads. Just because your business is complex doesn’t mean your systems have to be as well. Gain visibility and control around your gross pay and compliance requirements with a centralized system of record for gross pay.

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