How time off works

Set up time off

Administrators set up time off types – for example, sick time, vacation, jury duty – each with its own default accrual policy.

They also set up other time off features that they’ll later assign to users in their user profiles, such as templates and approval paths.

They can also modify system-level settings, like the time off type used for holidays. In some cases, they can create time off custom fields or set up users to receive time off in lieu of overtime.

Customize time off settings for employees

Within each time off user’s profile, administrators:

  • Assign a time off template that defines certain time off options, such as whether users can view their co-workers' time off
  • Assign a time off approval path, that determines who approves the user’s booked time off
  • Choose which time off types are available to the user and customize their accrual policies, if necessary
Book and track time off

Book time off

Each employee creates and submits a time off booking for any time they want to take off in the future. They may also be allowed to book time off directly from their timesheets.

Employees can also enter time off using the Replicon Mobile app; the data they enter syncs automatically with the web version.

Track time off

To help employees plan their own time off, they can check their time off balances, and may be allowed to view others’ planned time off in their time off calendar. They may also be allowed to edit or delete their bookings, if their plans change.

To keep track of what time they've booked off, users can create a time off feed to Outlook 2007, Google Calendar, or Apple's iCal.

Approve and manage time off

Approve time off

Once submitted, time off bookings are sent to each employee’s assigned time off approver. The user’s supervisor typically acts as their time off approver, although a different user can be assigned to this role.

Approvers can approve or reject time off. If rejected, the employee can correct the item and resubmit it for approval.

Manage time off users

To ensure staff coverage is adequate at all times, supervisors can view their direct reports’ time off, and may be allowed to view time off for any other users in the system. Supervisors can also track their team’s outstanding time off balances.

If a correction needs to be made to time off, Supervisors may be allowed to edit or delete bookings submitted by their team.

Prepare time off data for use in payroll

Payroll managers can be allowed to override the regular approval process for time off bookings, if required. They can also be allowed to create time off bookings, if they know time off was taken but was not recorded.

If you use third party software to generate payroll, you can transfer time off data to those applications using Replicon’s payroll exports or report data exports.

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