Setting up time off templates

A time off template is a group of time off settings that is assigned to time off users. Each time off user must be assigned a time off template in their user profile before they can submit time off.

Templates allow you to manage different settings for different types of users. For example, you might want to allow only a certain set of users to view other users’ time off. In this case, you could create a time off template with View Other Users' Time Off enabled, and assign it to that set of users. Then you could create another template with that option disabled, and assign it to everyone else.

A default time off template is available that you can use as is, or edit to meet your requirements. Or, you can create new templates to suit your requirements.

Adding a time off template

To add a time off template:

  1. Go to Administration > Time Off > Time Off Templates.
  2. Click Add Time Off Template.
  3. Enter a template name, and select or deselect time off options, as desired.
  4. Click Add.

To assign each user a template in their user profile.

About the template options

Option Name

Users assigned this option can…

Show Other Users' Time Off on Calendar

View any other user’s time off in their time off calendar

If you're using an enterprise-level product, enabling this option may allow you to limit which users can display in the calendar, based on group membership

Show Time Off Custom Field#1-5

View and complete time off custom fields enabled in your system when they book time off. Enabled the specific fields you'd like displayed.

Restrict bookings to timesheet period and hide the worker’s Time Off tab

Only create time off bookings from within the period of the selected timesheet.

This option is only supported for TimeAttend customers.


What happens if we edit a template that is already assigned to users?

The current template settings are always in effect.

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