About the time off versions

Recently, Replicon introduced a redesigned version of our time off functionality. We call it 'new time off'. This new version of time off is available in both our new and legacy products, and we are currently in the process of enabling it for customers.

Customers who have purchased TimeAttend or TimeOff are unaffected by these changes and can continue to use their existing version.

What is the difference between the versions?

Available in our new time off system

Available in TimeAttend and TimeOff

How do I know which product I’m using?

You can confirm which product you are using by viewing the page used to set up time off types. Go to Administration > Time Off > Time Off Types and click to add or edit a time off type.

New time off products

If the page looks similar to this, you are using the new time off system.

TimeAttend and TimeOff

If the page looks similar to this, you are using TimeAttend or TimeOff.

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