Viewing your time off in another calendar application

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris PSA or Polaris PPM? Check out Viewing your time off in another calendar application in the Polaris help.

You can set up a calendar feed from your Replicon time off calendar to your calendar in Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple's iCal.

Once a feed is established, the destination calendar will update with any changes that are made to your Replicon time off calendar.

To establish a calendar feed:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Time Off > Calendar.
  2. Click the Calendar Feed link in the bottom, right-hand corner of the calendar.

  1. If you want to include time off for all users who display in your calendar, disable the Only include my time off check box. Leave the box checked to include your time off only.

Only users that display on your calendar will show up in the destination calendar.

A URL generates, and is displayed in the dialog.

  1. Copy this URL, and paste it into the appropriate location in your destination calendar.

Refer to your destination calendar’s documentation if you need information on how to do this:

  • Microsoft Outlook  - Refer to the section entitled Subscribe to a calendar
  • Google Calendar - Refer to the section entitled Use a link to add a public calendar
  • Apple iCal - Refer to the section entitled Set up a new iCloud calendar subscription on your Mac


Why don't all of my bookings display in my destination calendar?

All submitted and approved bookings should display. However, bookings more than a month old, or scheduled for more than a year in the future won't display.

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