Reviewing your team's time off balances

You can check your team’s time off balances, and how they were determined. You might need to do this if one of your reports has questions about their balance, or if you need to encourage reports to take time off that they’ve accumulated.

To check your direct reports’ time off balances:

  1. Go to Team > Time Off.
  2. Click the Team Balances link, located above the calendar, on the right-hand side of the page.

  1. Click Add Column.

  1. Select a time off type from the drop-down that displays.

Your direct reports’ current balances for that time off type display.

  1. Select Add Column to add additional time off types, as necessary.

To view changes to a direct report’s balance:

  1. Click the report’s name.

A starting balance (as of the last scheduled balance reset or new policy start day), and all days accrued and used since that starting balance, display for each time off type.

  1. To view the user’s policy details and balance history for a time off type, select the name of the type.

Refer to How is my time off balance calculated? for information on how current balance is determined, and for more on policy details and balance histories.


Will overtime a user converted to time off ever expire?

Time off hours that were converted from overtime are subject to all balance limits and resets configured in the time off policy the hours were saved to.

Why is time off in lieu not showing in an employee’s time off balance?

Check the approval status of the timesheet where the overtime was converted – time off is only credited to a balance once that timesheet is fully approved. Also, be sure you’re checking the balance for the correct time off type, as selected on the timesheet where hours were converted.

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