Viewing other users' planned time off

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris PSA or Polaris PPM? Check out in the Polaris help.

You may be able to view time off booked by other people within your organization in your time off calendar. This can help you plan your own time off and avoid requesting days off when your teammates will be absent. Only bookings that are approved or awaiting approval will display; rejected bookings will not.

To view others’ planned time off:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Time Off > Calendar.
  2. Click the  icon that displays in the top, right-hand corner of the calendar.

A Show Time Off dialog displays.

  1. If available, select an option from the Add filter at the top of the page. Options may include a group type (Departments, Locations, etc), My Direct Reports, My Approvals, or Other Users (i.e. those not included in another option).

  1. Enable the groups or specific users whose time off you want displayed in your calendar.

If necessary, you can use the fields above the user list to search for a user’s name, or to further filter the list.


  1. Confirm your selections by checking the left-hand side of the dialog.

  1. Click Ok.
All time off for the users you selected displays in your calendar, in gray.


I don't see the cog icon in my time off calendar

If you don't see the cog, your Replicon administrator has not enabled this feature in your time off template. Please contact your administrator if you think you should have access to this feature.

Can we prevent users from viewing certain departments or groups?

No, all users are available if this feature is enabled for a user. If you want to block access to particular groups, you should disable this option for users in their time off template.

Does the time off type the employee used display in the calendar?

No, other users' time off types will never display in public calendars.

Can we select which types of time off are available to display in the calendar?

No, all types are available; we don't allow you to hide any types so employees will know when others will be away. But, they will never see the time off type their teammates used.

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