How are the balances that display in my time off booking dialog calculated?

When you book time off, time off balance data may display on the right-hand side of the booking dialog. It can have one of three formats: simple balance summary, full balance breakdown, or time taken.

Simple balance summary

You may see a balance before and after the current booking, as of a given date:

In this case, your balance is scheduled to reset on the day after the 'ending' date given. This reset is typically an annual reset, based on your company's time off year (that is, it may not be January 1st). So the ending date given represents the end of your entitlement period for that type of time off. In other words, this balance typically shows the amount of time off you have remaining this 'year', whether it be a calendar year or not.

Note that, in this case, 'balance before booking' doesn't mean the balance on the day before the booking; it refers to how much time off you'd have left if the booking was never made. Similarly, 'balance after booking' is the amount of time off you'd have left, including the booking.

Full balance breakdown

You may see the balance before and after the booking for the selected time off type, with a year-end balance estimate:

How is the balance before booking calculated?

In this case, if you click the  icon, information on how the balance before booking was arrived at displays:

It shows that the balance before booking is calculated as follows:

Start with…

Today’s balance

Then subtract…

Other bookings scheduled between today and the booking’s start date

Then add or subtract…

Accruals and balance resets scheduled to occur in your policy between today and the booking’s start date.

If you’re using the new version of time off, balance changes based on any new policies scheduled to take effect in the future will be factored into this calculation.

How is the year end estimate calculated?

A year-end balance estimate displays under the balance fields.

This value factors in today’s balance, all scheduled bookings, and all planned accruals and resets in your policy for that time off type, until the end of the year. If you’re using new time off, this includes changes in policies scheduled to take effect in the future; in old time off, future policies are not considered. It includes the current requested booking.

You can see a ledger-view of all scheduled changes to your balance by viewing your Balance History.

Time taken

Instead of balance totals, you may see time taken for the type of time off you selected.

Time taken is simply the number of days (or hours) you’ve taken, using that time off type, since the date listed, which is the date when your current policy took effect. It does not include the current request.


My time off displays in hours. Can I change it to display in days?

No, you can’t configure what units are used; your Replicon administrator selected which units are used for each time off type when they created the types.

Are bookings that haven’t been approved used in these calculations?

Yes, all bookings that are approved or waiting for approval are included. However, rejected and unsubmitted bookings are not.

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