Viewing all changes to your balance

If you want a detailed look at how your balance was determined, refer to the Balance History table, which shows all of the transactions that resulted in your time off balance. It also shows what your future balances will be, up to two years into the future, based on your current policy.

To view the Balance History:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Time Off.
  2. Click All Balances in the balance summary bar.
  3. In the Time Off Balances table, select a time off type from the Type column.

The Balance History table is located at the bottom of the page that displays. The Balance in Days/Hours column shows the balance after the transaction has occurred.

You can use the date filter to limit the range displayed.

How transactions are dated

Each transaction has a date associated with it, which indicates when the transaction occurred or will occur.

Any future transactions are marked with their scheduled date. For example, if you’ve booked time off for July 21st, the transaction will show a date of July 21st.

At the start of each day, any transactions that were scheduled for the previous day are marked as historical transactions. The Date is then updated to the current date and the Action column is updated to show the scheduled date for reference. In this case, once the booking has passed, the time off transaction is dated for July 22nd and the Action column shows that the time off was booked for July 21st.

This only applies if you are using the latest version of our time off system. If you are using the original version of time off, balance transactions are always dated based on the time off dates or, in the case of accruals and resets, the dates from your policy.

How changes to past bookings are reflected

To ensure an accurate historical record, transactions that have occured in the past cannot be changed. As a result, if you edit or reject a past booking, the original transaction remains as is. Then, a new transaction is recorded to adjust the balance to the correct value.

The adjustment transaction is dated with the date of the change. This also applies when adding a new booking for a past date – the transaction is dated for when the booking was added.

The example below shows the Balance History for a booking that was edited after the fact.

The history shows the following transactions:

  1. A booking was previously added for June 30th and July 1st. The balance shows a deduction of 16 hours for the requested dates.
  2. On July 20th, the booking was edited, which caused it to be reopened. Because reopened bookings are not included in balance calculations, the 16 hours were refunded on July 20th.
  3. That same day, the booking was extended to July 2nd and resubmitted. On July 20th, the history shows a deduction for 24 hours.

Note that the net change to the balance, 24 hours (or 3 days), matches the new duration of the booking.

How changes to future bookings are reflected

Future transactions can be changed as they are only estimates until the event happens. Therefore, if you make changes to a future booking, the system updates the existing transactions and their dates.


What does it mean if it says Accrual (Prorated) in the Balance History table?

This means that the accrual listed was set to be prorated based on how much of the preceding accrual period you worked. Prorating reflects the idea that time off must first be earned before it becomes available.

For example, your time off policy specifies that you accrue 5 days annually, and that the accrual is prorated. If you started your job 6 months before the accrual is scheduled to occur, you would only accrue 2.5 days for that first annual accrual.

Why don't my future accrual policies show in the Balance History table?

You’re likely using our old time off system. In that system, all balances are calculated based on the time off policy that is currently in effect, without factoring in balance changes from future planned policies. However, if you’re using new time off, balance changes that occur as a result of future policies should display in the Balance History table.

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