How do I edit or delete a time off booking?

You may be able to edit or delete time off bookings you’ve submitted, including ones that have been approved.

To do this:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Time Off, and open the booking.
  2. Click the Edit Time Off button in the lower, left-hand corner.

If this button isn’t available, you don’t have permission to edit or delete the booking.

  1. Select Delete Time Off, or make changes to the booking and click Resubmit, as required.


Can I edit or delete a booking if the timesheet it overlaps with has been approved?

Yes, you can. The timesheet will reopen, and you will have to resubmit it.

Why don't I see the Edit Time Off or Delete Time Off buttons?

Your time off booking policy may not allow you to edit or delete some time off bookings. For example, you may not be allowed to alter time off bookings that occur in the past.

I need to cancel a booking for time off that I didn't take. How do I do that?

If you have permission to cancel the booking, the Delete Time Off button will display if you click Edit Time Off in the booking dialog. If these buttons aren't available, you'll have to contact your supervisor, payroll manager, or Replicon administrator to delete the booking for you.

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