How do I edit or delete a time off booking that appears on my timesheet?

A time off booking is an instance of time off you created from the Time Off tab. Bookings may display in your timesheet, which helps you remember what days you took off when entering time.

Depending on the type of timesheet you use, bookings may display in the Time Off section.


Or, they may display in time entry rows.


You may be able to delete or edit bookings you’ve created, depending on your settings. You may be able to edit or delete only past or only future bookings.

Editing or deleting a booking

To edit or delete a time off booking:

  1. Click the icon or the icon, depending on which is shown.
  2. Select Edit Time Off.

  1. Either, click Delete Time Off, and click Yes to confirm, or

Edit the booking and click Resubmit.


Can I delete bookings that have already been approved?

Yes. If you can delete bookings, you can delete bookings of any approval status, including approved ones.

Can I delete a booking if the timesheet it appears on has been approved?

Yes, you can, but you can only access the booking from your time off calendar. The timesheet the booking overlaps with will be reopened, and you will have to resubmit it for approval.

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