Booking or editing time off on behalf of a report

You can submit a time off booking on behalf of one of your direct reports. You may need to do to this to expedite approval of a last minute request, or if a report is for some reason unable to make the booking.

You may also be able to edit bookings that your reports have submitted, and delete bookings that no longer apply.

Submitting a booking

To book time off for a direct report:

  1. Go to Team > Time Off.
  2. Click the Book Time Off button in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

Or, in the calendar, click the day you want to book off.

If you need to make a multi-day booking, you can click the first day and hold the mouse button down as you move the cursor to the last day.

A Book Time Off dialog displays.

  1. Select the report’s name from the User drop-down.

  1. From the Type field, select the type of time off.

  1. Update the start and end dates for the booking, if necessary.

  1. Select how much of the day the report will be absent, if an option is available. If they’re taking a partial day off, you’ll have to enter the Start Time – the time when their time off will begin.

  1. Click Submit for approval.

If you are the booking’s only approver, the item will be automatically approved once you submit it, as your approval is implied.

Editing or deleting a booking

To edit or delete a booking:

  1. Go to Team > Time Off, and open the booking.
  2. Click the Edit Time Off button in the lower, left-hand corner.

If this button isn’t available, you don’t have permission to edit or delete the booking.

  1. Select Delete Time Off, or make changes to the booking and click Resubmit, as required.


How will the user know if I edited, submitted, or deleted their booking?

If you change or delete a booking, the user will receive a mobile or email notification that the booking was edited or cancelled, assuming these notifications are enabled for the user.

If you submit a booking for a user, when they get notice that it was approved, that message will indicate who the booking was submitted by.

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