Viewing your team's planned time off

You might need to consider what time off your team members have planned when approving new time off requests, to ensure adequate coverage will be in place during absences. You might also need to review time off plans when creating work plans and schedules, to ensure staff is available when needed.

You can view time off for your direct reports and for those whose time off you approve in your time off calendar. Or, you can view bookings belonging to your direct reports in a list.

Viewing time off in your calendar

To view your team’s planned time off:

  1. Go to Team > Time Off.
  2. Click the  icon that displays in the top, right-hand corner of the calendar.

A Show Time Off dialog displays.

  1. From the right-hand side of the dialog:
  • Select the My Direct Reports check box to view your direct reports’ time off
  • Select the My Approvals check box to view time off bookings for those whose time off you approve, but do not directly supervise
  • Select the check boxes beside names of individual users to see their time off only

If necessary, you can use the fields above the user list to search for a user’s name, or to filter the list of users by department.

  1. Click Ok.

All time off for team members you selected displays in your calendar, color coded by approval status.

Viewing time off in a list

You can view your direct reports’ time off in list form. This can be useful if you want to filter bookings by date range (such as this quarter or this week), by time off type, or by approval status.

To view your direct reports’ planned time off in a list, go to Team > Time Off > Bookings. Your team’s bookings display.

Filter the list, as desired.