Checking your time off balance

Your time off balance for your default time off type displays in the top, right-hand corner of the My Replicon > Time Off tab.

To view balances for other types of time off, click the name of the default type and select a new type from the list that displays.

Or, click the All Balances link.

A table with your current available balance for all types of time off displays.

These values may display in days or in hours, depending on the setting your Replicon administrator selected.


How are time off balances calculated?

Refer to How is my time off balance calculated? for information on that subject.

Why can't I see balance information for a certain time off type?

If you can book time against a particular time off type, but it doesn’t appear in the balances bar or table, your administrator has specified that balances for that type should not display. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about that that type of time off.

How can I view time off in hours instead of days (or vice versa)?

That option was set by your administrator and applies to multiple users. Therefore, you can’t change it.

My supervisor rejected my time off booking. Why hasn't my balance increased?

For some users, your time off balance includes time for rejected bookings. To exclude that time, you must delete the booking.

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