How are Future Booked Hours calculated?

Your future booked hours display beside available hours in the balance summary bar in the top, right-hand corner of the My Replicon > Time Off tab.

These values may display in days or in hours, depending on the setting your Replicon Administrator selected.

How Future Booked is calculated

Future Booked Hours =

Sum of all hours booked off after the current day, up to your next scheduled balance reset

If you are using the latest version of our time off system:

  • Only resets in the current policy are taken into account
  • Only bookings that are approved or waiting for approval are included; rejected and unsubmitted bookings are excluded

If you are using our older time off system:

  • The sum is up to the next reset in the current policy or the start of a new policy
  • Bookings of any approval status are included

You can confirm which version of time off you are using by looking at your policy details.

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