How is my available time off balance calculated?

Your time off balance is the hours available for you to book off for a given time off type, as of a given day. Your balance as of the current day displays next to your future booked days in the balance summary bar. This bar is located in the top, right-hand corner of the My Replicon > Time Off tab.

If you click All Balances in this summary bar:

A table showing balances for all of your time off types displays.

These values may display in days or in hours, depending on the setting your Replicon administrator selected.

How Current Balance is calculated

Current Balance (or Available Hours) = Starting Balance + Hours Accrued - Hours Used


  • Starting Balance is your balance at the last scheduled balance reset or new policy start day (whichever was most recent)
  • Hours Accrued is the hours added to your policy through scheduled accruals since the starting balance, up to and including the current day
  • Hours Used is all time booked off since the starting balance, up to and including the current day. If you are using the newer version of our time off system, only bookings that are approved or waiting for approval are included. If you are using the older version, hours of any approval status are included.

Example calculation

Your Vacation time off policy takes effect on January 1st. It allots you 10 days off, and you also accrue 1.25 days on the 1st of each month. You work 8 hour days, and book 4 days off in May. You also book 5 days off in July.

As of June 1st, your balance would be calculated as follows.


Current Balance

= Starting Balance + Days Accrued - Days Used

= 10 days + (1.25 days/month x 6 months) - 4 days

= 10 days + 7.5 days - 4 days

= 13.5 days available


Note that 13.5 is the days available as of June 1st, and therefore does not factor in the 5 days you’ve booked off in July. When making a future booking, you should look at your balance available as of the date you plan to book off. This will give you a full picture of your available balance, including all accruals and bookings you’ve made between now and then.

Viewing the history of your balance

You can view the details of each change that was made to your balance in the Balance History. See Viewing all changes to your balance for more information.


What is a time off policy?

A time off policy is a set of rules that determine your time off balance. You’re assigned a different policy for each type of time off. You can be assigned multiple policies for a single time off type, but only one can be effective at a time. For example, if your current vacation policy allots you 3 weeks off, your administrator may set up a second policy that will take effect two years from now that allots you four weeks of vacation.

What is an accrual and a reset?

An accrual is a scheduled automatic addition to your time off balance. For example, your Vacation policy could specify that you accrue 1 day on the first day of each month.

A reset is a scheduled reset of your balance. For example, your Sick time off policy could automatically reset to a balance of 5 days on January 1st of each year.

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