How do I know how much time off has been allotted to me?

The amount of time off you’ve been allowed for each type of time off is based on the time off policies assigned to you. You can view details of each policy that is currently in effect.

Your policy settings are subject to change at any time. If you have questions about your time off allotment, talk to your supervisor.

To view details of your time off policies:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Time Off.
  2. Click the All Balances link in the summary bar.

A Time Off Balances table displays.

  1. Select a time off type in the table.

The details of the current policy for that time off type are shown.

About the policy details

Depending on which version of our time off system you are using, you will see different fields for the policy details.

If you are using our new system, you will see the policy name and effective date above the box.

In this case, the details are outlined with the following options. Only some of these options may be included in your policy.

Option name

This option shows…

Starting Balance Set To

The starting balance as of the effective date of the policy.

The Start With field indicates whether the balance was set to a specific amount, or whether the remaining balance from the previous policy was carried over, up to the maximum amount specified.

Periodic Accrual

The amount of time off that is accrued on a regular basis.

The Yearly Entitlement specifies how much time off you will accrue for the whole year. The entitlement is distributed throughout the year, based on the accrual period. For example, if the Yearly Entitlement is 15 days and the Accrual Period is Monthly, you will receive 1.25 days each month.

Balance Limit and Reset

The maximum balance that is allowed for the time off type, as well as whether the balance is periodically reset to a specific amount.

If a maximum is specificed and your balance is exceeds it, you will not accrue any additional time off. Accruals will restart once your balance falls below the maximum.

The Reset Type indicates whether your balance will be reset to a specific amount, or if you'll be able to carry over some of your previous balance. For example, if Reset Type is set to Carry Up To and Reset Amount is set to 5 days, your balance will be reset to a maximum of 5 days. If, prior to the reset, your balance is 7 days, it will reset to 5 days. If your balance is 3 days, it will reset to 3 days.

If you are using the older version of our time off system, Policy Details is shown above the box.

In this case, the policy is summarized with the following fields.

Field name

This field shows…


The date when the policy came into effect


The balance as of the effective date


The amount the balance is automatically reset to, on the schedule given


The amount automatically added to the balance, on the schedule given

Max Balance

A balance that can never be exceeded, regardless of what accruals are scheduled

Maximum Overdraw

The number of days you are allowed to book off, beyond the balance available

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