Revolutionize Time Capture with Cloudclock – Replicon’s Intelligent Time Clock App

Leverage AI-powered self-service capabilities like Facial Recognition, photo capture with audit trail, and advanced project tracking to eliminate time theft and reduce errors.

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Make Physical Time Collection Easy Using an Intelligent, Cloud-connected Employee Time Clock App

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Your Clock Your Way

Install on any iOS tablet

Download and install the cloud clock app on any iOS tablet and transform an ordinary device into a powerful, cloud-enabled kiosk device.

Easy start up

Getting started is as easy as connecting the clock to the Replicon account and initiating the time capture.

Preconfigured clock

The employee time clock app utilizes Replicon’s configurable platform with all your policies and security settings preconfigured.

Simple time tracking

Take the headache out of tracking employee time physically with an easy-to-use, cloud-based, all-in-one intelligent CloudClock.

AI-Powered Employee Time Clock App Provides Versatility

Punch in/out, view schedules & more

Empower employees to view their schedules, request time off, or view punch history via the cloud clock.

Facial Recognition

Go beyond User IDs, QR codes, and biometrics with Facial Recognition capabilities for time capture.

Touchless time CloudClock

Leverage facial recognition combined with voice commands to make the clock-in and clock-out process completely contactless.

Time towards activities/jobs

Punch in time against activities and have the data seamlessly sync with the Replicon account for easy forecasting and analysis.
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No More Buddy Punching

Photo audit trail

Capture an image with each punch and run a photo audit trail to deter time theft and avoid buddy punching.

Cutting-edge biometrics

Deploy cutting-edge biometrics based on Facial Recognition technology to enable employees’ access to the employee time clock app.

Enhanced configurability

Benefit from advanced configurability, compliance confidence, and fast and easy deployment.

Advanced Monitoring and Analytics

Remote administration

Provide your administrators with complete control over the installed cloud clock from the Replicon instance without physically being present there.

24/7 monitoring

Replicon performs round-the-clock monitoring to detect any potential problems.

Proactive maintenance

Replicon team fixes issues with the time clock before customers are affected.

Real-time analytics

Time captured on CloudClock syncs back with your Replicon applications to provide real-time information for making proactive decisions.
online time card app analytics
online time card app analytics

Benefits For Every Business

Streamlined time capture

Reduce administrative overheads with streamlined time capture.

No hardware costs

Make punches theft-proof and faster without any hardware costs.

Cost-effective solution

Support different employee types and shifts within the same devices, making it a cost-effective solution.

Real-time sync

Seamless sync time & attendance data instantly to enable proactive decisions.

Solutions & Use Cases

How Replicon Employee Time Clock App Works



Create Replicon account

Sign up for free



Add your team



Download and install app

Download and install the cloud employee time clock app on any iOS tablet and transform an ordinary device into a powerful, cloud-enabled kiosk device.

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Login and clock in hours

Employees can punch in/out, take meal and rest breaks, allocate time to activities and jobs – all from the employee time clock app. Users can also clock in our advanced time cloudclock functionalities like facial recognition—no need to remember User IDs or use clunky badges. There will be no more buddy punching.

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Manager can check details

Manager can supervise who is currently working on what, the last activity, and see workweek history.

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Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

Businesses can stay on top of time by tracking down reports and make proactive decisions.

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