A Timecard is used to record the times a user is working. Upon logging in to Web TimeSheet, the user punches in and out to mark the time they start and stop work, along with any comments they choose to enter. Each pair of In and Out actions is considered an entry in the timecard and, for a user, their In and Out times are fixed.

Timecards can be used on their own or in conjunction with a timesheet.
Each timecard includes the following information:

The number of hours the user was punched in

The timecard shows the number of hours the user was "in" for the day. For today's timecard, this value only includes time for which the user has punched in, and then punched out. If the user is currently punched in, the time being worked right now will not be included.

Entries made for the day

The entries for the day are shown in table format. For each entry, the times of punch in and punch out, the comments entered by the user, and the duration of the entry are provided. The In Time and Out Time are shown in the time zone of the timecard user (as set in their user profile).

The history of changes made to the entries

The details of changes made to timecard entries are recorded in the timecard's audit trail. To view the change history, select the Show Audit Trail button. The current values for an entry will be shown in their own row as before and, if the entry was modified, any previous values will be shown in separate rows in italics.

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