Creating places

Places are geographical ranges, typically your organization’s work sites, that are defined by virtual fences, also known as geofences. They display as blue circles on punch maps, so supervisors can easily identify punches that fall outside the user’s assigned place. They are assigned to users in their user profiles.

Supervisors can either:

  • Look at punch map views to visually identify whether punches fall outside of the place range, or
  • Review lists of punches that are automatically flagged to fall outside the user’s assigned place

To add a new place:

  1. Click Add Place.
  2. Navigate to the site you want to define as a place.
  3. You can use the + and - to move around the map.
  4. Click the location of the site on the map. Its address will display.

Be sure to avoid clicking on the map again once you’ve selected your location, as this will update the location.

  1. Give the place a name.
  2. Define the range (radius) beyond the location in which punches will be considered valid. The blue circle that represents the range will resize.

We recommend being generous with the range, since phones don’t always record locations accurately.


Do we need to set up places?

Places are most useful if employees will be working from a site for weeks at a time – for example, if they’re working at a construction site, so exceptions can be automatically flagged.

If you don't need exceptions to be flagged, you don't need to set up places. In this scenario, you could still look at the map views of punches to check where employees were when they created punches.

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