Simplify your consultant time off management and gain visibility into your employee time off usage and availability.
Time Off Policies Personalized

Define any time off type appropriate for your professional services business- vacation, sick leave, bereavement- and set accrual policies. Automate these policies and free your project managers and HR from unnecessary administrative overhead.
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Enable Consultant Self-service

Enable project resources to manage their own availability with an intuitive system and empower project managers with intelligent approval workflows.

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Manage Consultant Availability

Real-time insights into time off availability, usage, balance, and liability data help you make informed client project staffing decisions on-the-fly.

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employee time off management
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Ensure Policy Compliance

Automate specific sick and absence policies based on your location, and apply these policies across the workforce to reduce employee disputes.

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Time off on-the-go

Enable your employees to quickly book time off from their mobile. Managers can stay on top of employee availability by viewing requests in real-time, approving, denying or changing their shift plans accordingly.

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“Tracking balances and accruals used to be difficult. Now it’s a breeze. We estimate that the solution cut administrative overheads and reduced the time and effort needed by 75-90%.”

Jo-Ann Morefield, Director of HR, Peoples Trust.




Track up-to-the-minute project time, billable hours, and efficiently manage resources, projects and clients.

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Gain full control over your employee and client-related expenses.

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