Intuitive Time Off Management

Stay ahead of workforce availability to improve staffing and productivity


Do you know which of your employees are (or are not) available to work?

Availability Under Control

Get real-time insights into who’s available and improve your staffing decisions for shifts or projects

Free HR for Strategic Initiatives

Automate policies empowering employees to manage their time off and free your HR team from unnecessary administrative overhead

Manage Your Liabilities

Get complete control over employee time off and vacation liabilities with detailed usage and balance information

Execute your organization’s time off policies with ease. Gain complete visibility into employee absences and staffing. Proactively manage time off liabilities and productivity.

How can your organization efficiently manage your employee availability and absences?
With Replicon’s automated time off application, you can:
  • Create any time off type appropriate for your business – vacation, sick leave, bereavement, and set accrual policies
  • Enable employees with easy time off requests and empower supervisors with intelligent approval workflows
  • Enjoy real-time insights into time off usage, balance, and liability data to make informed decisions
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