Professional Services Automation

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Benefits of Professional Services Automation

Itemized Invoices, Raised Revenue
Capture hours worked in real-time and save the data in a single system of record. With Replicon, those pesky (and often delayed) timesheets become a thing of the past. Errors are easier to catch, and itemized invoices make it easy for clients to see where money is being spent.
Visibility Minus Complexity
Achieve maximum utilization of your workforce with a unified view into the project status for each client. You can better predict resource availability with real-time updates and thereby meet deadlines or communicate appropriately in advance when delays occur.
Profitability Control
Increase your billing potential, curb revenue leakage, map high-value resources to key client projects and manage different billing rates by role. Sound pretty good? There’s more: with our automated system, you can set up your invoices to align with clients’ billing cycles, which means you never need to think about it again.
Features of Professional Services Automation

Customizable Time Tracking

Capture billable hours for specific projects, clients and tasks. Flexible rules allow for automatic validation of time entries. As an added bonus, billing clients has never been easier, as we handle global, multi-lingual and multi-currency situations and allow for granular information to be added to individual tasks. Notifications ensure that actions are taken in a timely fashion so your billing is never delayed.

  • Custom time sheets to meet your process needs
  • Flexible validation rules to reduce errors and minimize lost revenue
  • Project, client, and task time tracking
  • Email reminders and alerts for submissions and approvals
  • Anytime, anywhere access for your mobile and field-based workforce

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Approval Paths

Maximize your profitability with configurable multi-level approval paths. Project managers, supervisors and clients can quickly review and approve time and expenses, even while on the go. Ready-made reports and single-screen views allow for informed decision making.

  • Real-time access to projects, hours, costs and billing
  • In-context summary charts and dashboards for quick decision making
  • Overview of items awaiting approval and associated approvers
  • Ability to add organizational groups for proper approvals and reporting

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Project Vigilance

Define every aspect of a client’s project in a matter of minutes—from project managers to start and end dates, tasks, resources and budget. By associating projects with clients, you can create task hierarchies and custom fields to match the client needs and requirements. Status and budget tracking are shown on every screen, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

  • Multi-level project and task hierarchies
  • Custom fields for projects and tasks
  • Project manager designation by project
  • Resources assigned individually or by department
  • Budgets for cost, hours & billing tracked against actual performance

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Client and Invoice Management

Set up your clients and associated invoices for precision in billing. By selecting rates for each role working on a client’s project, you make it easy to track billable hours and generate accurate invoices. Ensure you meet your contractual obligations with any time access into, billable amounts, discounts and profitability by client and by project.

  • Flexible client creation and management
  • Rates by client and by role within projects
  • Options for fixed bid or time and materials billing
  • Invoice generation engine to match complex billing requirements
  • Proactive follow-up for invoices sent
  • Centralized view of billable amounts, discounts, and profitability

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Practice Management

Group your projects by practice for time, cost, billing and budget tracking. You’ll gain insights into which practices have the biggest impact on your revenue. Our summary dashboards provide you with full visibility into your practice profitability and performance to maximize profitability.

  • Group project time and costs based on practice
  • Budgeting and management of practices
  • Hours, cost and billing charts by practice
  • Visibility into profitability and performance

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Resource Management

Oversee consultant needs, both today and in the future. With a global view of current resource allocation, you know exactly what each consultant’s availability and skills are, making it feasible to assign projects on-the-fly. You can even generate resource forecasts to plan ahead for future client projects.

  • Overview of resources and allocation levels
  • Graphical calendar for resource utilization
  • Placeholder role creation for future project planning
  • Resource forecasts for proactive hiring and training

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“In the professional services industry, time, expense and resource data is our lifeblood to ensure we support our teams, we exceed expectations with our clients and we grow our business. Replicon plays an intrinsic role at Xoomworks.”
Jamie Holmes
Managing Director- Consulting
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  • Precise and reliable client billing
  • Comprehensive project and time tracking
  • Accurate consultant utilization with cost control
  • Profit visibility for clients, practices and projects