How time punching works

Time punching should only be used with timesheets based on the Configurable timesheet format.

Time punching is a method of recording work time in Replicon. Employees punch in when they start working, and punch out when they stop working. Punches can be recorded using:

  • The Replicon web application
  • Replicon CloudClock
  • Replicon Mobile app, or
  • Custom apps you’ve created using Replicon services

Employees can be allowed to punch out for breaks and to record their time against activities and, if they're using Replicon Mobile or the web app, projects and tasks.

Why use time punching?

There are three key advantages to using time punching:

  • Multiple time entry methods
    Since Replicon’s CloudClock and mobile app can be used to create punches, time punching is well suited to a wide range of job scenarios, such as for employees who don’t have access to a desktop, or who work offsite.
  • Security features that can save you money
    You can require that the employee’s image and location be captured with each punch. An audit trail of locations and images is retained, allowing you to confirm no buddy-punching is occurring. You can also assign each worker a place (e.g. work site), which is defined by virtual geofences, and validate that workers are where you expect them to be using a map view.
  • Seamless syncing with Replicon’s web app
    Hours generated through punching can be viewed and approved on Replicon timesheets before being used in payroll calculations.

Time punching workflow

The typical time punch workflow is outlined below.

Employee creates in and out punches

Employees can be allowed, via their assigned punch entry policy, to create punches using the web app, CloudClock, Replicon Mobile, or some other custom app.

While punching in and out, employees can record breaks. Punches can be automatically rounded based on rounding rules.

Punches are automatically transferred to the employee's timesheet.

Supervisor views an audit trail of punch corrections and images, and a map view of locations

Supervisors can view all time punches created by their direct reports using the web app or Replicon Mobile, so they can confirm the correct user made the punch, from the expected location.

They can also view details of punches in reports.

Supervisor corrects any punch errors (1)

Supervisors can add missed punches, and edit or delete erroneous punches, to ensure the punch record is correct. An audit trail of all changes made to punches is retained.

Timesheets are submitted for approval

Timesheets can be set to auto submit when they are due, to allow submission even if the employee doesn’t have access to the Replicon web app and can’t manually submit.

Timesheet approvers approve time punch hours

Approvers can use the web app or a mobile device to approve timesheets that include the hours recorded through time punching. Approved hours can be exported to external payroll applications.


Two device-specific limitations exist related to punching, as described below. We have no current plans to address these limits as they represent rare use cases.

  • You can't punch against both activities and projects using Replicon Mobile.
  • You cannot select a billing option when punching against projects via the web app. If multiple billing options are available for a project or task, the first one alphabetically will be selected.


Are time punches and punches created using the Clock In/Out timesheet the same?

No, they are completely separate systems. Punches users create using a Clock In/Out timesheet cannot be viewed or managed in the same way punches created via the CloudClock or mobile app can.

How do we set up users for time punching?

Refer to Setting up punch entry policies for information on that subject.


(1) Employees can also be allowed to correct their own punches, if your organization’s policies permit that.

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