Beat & Pulse
Project Management

Truly manage your projects in real-time with live resource inputs around effort and completion estimates.

project management

New Beats & Pulse Methodology


The system collects beats data from project users about work done, remaining work, estimate at completion and completion date on assigned tasks.

Instant feedback

Project managers can approve/edit user beats and give feedback to users on work done, remaining work and estimates to complete.

Project pulse

Get an instant understanding of all critical project metrics including hours, cost, financials and other details.

project management software
project planning management

Project Planning

Informed bids

Use historical information to bid and select your customer projects intelligently.

Pull projects from CRM

Automatically pull and plan for projects from your CRM.

Historical project metrics

Set up complex work breakdown structures & come up with accurate costs, margins and billing information from historical projects.

Accurate schedules

Generate accurate project timelines and resource requirements from previous projects to meet profit metrics.

SmartBeats and Receptors


Businesses can leverage Receptors to continuously get input from other work execution systems like Jira, Asana, Slack and more.

User beats

Get instant updates from project users as beats about work done, remaining work and estimates to complete on assigned tasks.


SmartBeats’ lightweight desktop and mobile apps remind users to update status and make entry fast and easy.

Escalate issues

Project and task leads get a sense for any project issues in real-time.

project user beats receptors

project task management

Task Beats

Active task management

Project managers review work done reports on the project tasks.

Instant feedback

Approve/edit user beats and give feedback to users on work done, remaining work and estimates to complete.

Approve or edit beats

Project managers can review the beats information and decide to accept or edit work done, remaining work, and completion estimates.

No project issues

Teams are able to resolve project issues in real-time.

Project Pulse

Project KPIs

Get an instant understanding of all critical project metrics at a glance including hours, cost, financials and other details.

Early warning system

PMs evaluate for early warnings based on user beats, task beats to take necessary action.

Project progress

Take control of your project delivery with a real-time view of project progress, resources, work done and work remaining to be done.

Actuals and estimate to complete tracking

Track resource inputs associated with projects and get a sense for actuals as well as completion estimates in real-time.

Project metrics

Aggregate view of project progress and metrics.

Weekly reports

Generate weekly reports process for stakeholders.

project pulse management

Intelligent Task Management

Intelligent Task Management

Logical Task Roll-Ups

Classify project tasks into parent and child categories for more efficient and logical project management.

Flexibility in Roll-Ups

Choose the roll-up logic that suits your project needs.

Estimated Completion Date Roll Ups

Quickly roll up completion dates at the project level to identify users who spend more time.

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