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Streamline Project Billing and Revenue With Polaris PSA

Integrate Polaris PSA and Xero to keep your project delivery and accounting teams in sync. Manage projects, resources, and financials – all in one place.

Project Billing using Xero Integration

Harness the Power of Polaris PSA and Xero Integration

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Manage Projects in Real Time

Manage your projects in real-time with live inputs around effort and completion estimates. Get an instant understanding of all critical project metrics including hours, cost, financials and other details.

  • Take control of project delivery with a real-time view of project status and progress.
  • Get real-time view of project progress, resources, work done and remaining work.
  • Resolve project issues in real-time by providing instant feedback on work done.
Real-time Project Management using Xero
Resource Management using Xero

Optimize Resource Management

Get complete visibility into the global resource pool to optimize utilization based on current and future allocation levels. Quickly allocate most-suitable resources based on availability, location, skills, department, or other criteria.

  • Built-in recommendation engine, SmartMatch, shortlists ideal resources for the job.
  • Track skills needed by each role.
  • Gain visibility into the future availability of resources with comprehensive reports.

Configurable Bill Plans and Rates

Get full control over project billing with custom bill plans and rates. Accommodate various client/project billing needs including fixed-bid, time & materials, flat or any combination with the versatile bill plan modeling.

  • Utilize project-specific, user-level, role-based rates or create custom ones.
  • Build rate cards with effectivity dates for each role.
  • Model hourly, daily, or monthly rates.
Configurable Bill Plans and Rates using Xero Integration
Client Billing using Xero

Faster, Accurate Client Billing

Eliminate manual re-entry of billing data, saving time and avoiding errors. Accelerate accurate client invoicing with real-time visibility into project progress and payment status. Use the configurable invoicing engine with multiple templates to meet clients’ billing needs.

  • Easily create and transfer invoice data with expense line items.
  • Invoice clients when projects reach certain milestones.
  • Gain full visibility into project financial health in real-time.

Modern & Mature Integration Platform

An Enterprise Ready PSA Solution with Security, Flexibility and Scalability

Robust Pre-built Connectors

Get highly secure ecosystem connections in a matter of minutes – not months, using our 50+ pre-built connectors – QuickBooks, SalesForce, Concur, Xero, Namely, ServiceNow, BambooHR, Jira, and more.

Fast and Seamless Integrations

Plug and play with our out-of-the-box integrations and change on-the-fly with our swap-in and swap-out connectors as your ecosystem evolves.

Extract Any Data You Need

Open APIs library available to extract any data you want from any system.

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