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Polaris PSA for Salesforce

Polaris is the world’s first self-driving Professional Services Automation that analyzes real-time data to recommend the best possible choices for proactive decision making. It automatically harvests data from users and systems to deliver real time visibility into projects. Polaris integrates with Salesforce to streamline processes between sales and service delivery teams.

Polaris PSA for Salesforce

Harness the Power of Polaris PSA and Salesforce Integration

Auto-create projects and clients in Polaris

When a deal in Salesforce meets predefined criteria such as reaching a specific sales stage, probability percentage or being of a specific type, that opportunity gets automatically added as a project in Polaris along with its attributes.

Real-time sync of qualified opportunities, accounts, users

Any updates to an opportunity, account, or user that are already imported into Polaris are always continuously synced ensuring your data stays accurate and up-to-date without manual intervention.

polaris psa and salesforce integration
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Streamline Projects and Resource Planning

Forecast sales pipeline precisely to manage your sales and services teams more effectively. Automate the hand-off between the two teams to eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks and establish better communication.

One-Click Login

Single Sign-On between Salesforce and Polaris ensures an integrated quick and easy access for users to both systems without the hassle of remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

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Reap the Advantages of Both Systems Together

Automatically pull & plan for projects from Salesforce

Automatically pull and plan for projects from Salesforce

Automatically move projects to Polaris when deals near closure and continuously sync updates based on criteria. Track resource availability and project milestones in real time to ensure the project is on track.

Anywhere, Anytime Time Tracking

Anywhere, Anytime Time Tracking

Get real-time control over labor costs and compliance, submit and approve time and projects from anywhere, anytime, and get real-time access to required data for instant information.

Configurable Platform

Configurable Platform

Built with the advanced flexibility to meet any business’ PSA needs, Polaris is agile and easy-to-deploy across small to large organizations. You need not maintain or invest in IT infrastructure to run applications.

Global & Secure Cloud

Global & Secure Cloud

Polaris provides a unified global professional services solution across all countries while supporting multilingual and multi currency functionalities. It is a true cloud solution providing 99.9% uptime.

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