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Established in 1995 with a multi-year grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, Kansas Health Institute (KHI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization in Topeka. KHI is the first to be unique in its status as a health policy-focused educational organization that is independent, non-university-based, and supported primarily through philanthropy. KHI team members interact with leaders from the legislature, local government, state agencies, and professional associations, helping them utilize evidence-based research to make informed health policy decisions.

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  1. A lack of real-time data related into projects and resources
  2. Manual project management
  3. Inefficient employee time and attendance tracking


  1. Optimized project management
  2. Simplified employee time and attendance tracking
  3. Increased resource utilization

“Polaris PSA is a user-friendly solution that provides the necessary project data to management without expending administrative time to generate the data.”

Nancy R. Ruf
Director of Administration

Before Polaris:

The Challenge

KHI needed a robust professional services management (PSA) to manage projects, resources, and finances in one place. The organization tried a few solutions, but none of them met the company's unique business objective: track projects, resources, and employee time and attendance. Due to a lack of flexibility and unreasonable price, KHI had to switch to excel sheets.

But, over time, the inefficiencies crept in. Since the same data - project name, project number, client details, term date, etc. - was entered across multiple spreadsheets, pulling the most recent data becomes cumbersome. In addition, a lot of admin time went into extracting the correct information that was spread across several fields in the sheets.

Every project has several tasks and sub-tasks associated with it. Tracking effort and time against each task or subtask accurately in a spreadsheet was highly inefficient and was simply not tracked most of the time. The manual sorting of data across multiple projects and approving timesheets consumed 8-10 hours every week.

Additionally, since attendance data of resources was managed separately, project managers did not have complete visibility into resource availability for optimizing allocation and planning capacity. As a result, managers could not access comprehensive, real-time data related to projects and resources to make the best decisions.

“We needed a robust professional services management (PSA) to manage projects, resources, and finances in one place.”

After Polaris:

The Solution

Polaris PSA helped KHI optimize its project, resource, and timesheet management through a single platform. KHF evaluated four competitors before choosing Polaris PSA as their preferred partner.

"Polaris PSA is a user-friendly solution that provides the necessary project data to management without expending administrative time to generate the data," says Nancy R. Ruf, Director of Administration

Polaris PSA Provides A Single Source of Truth For All Project-related Data

KHI uses Polaris PSA to get a single source of truth for all their organization's project, resource and finance metrics. Managing all project-related data on a readily accessible cloud platform enables the organization to work more effectively.

Accurate and up-to-date information helps KHI:

  • Improve Project Management

    Polaris PSA provides a secure and scalable cloud solution to manage all projects and related tasks seamlessly. With real-time visibility into project progress, managers can identify any scope changes, respond quickly to correct course, and keep projects on track.

  • Optimize Resource Management

    At any given point in time, KHI works on 40 projects. Therefore, project managers have to plan their resources based on the existing and future projects. Also, managers need to track time spent by resources on every project to ensure that their resources are not suffering burnout due to overtime.

    "Polaris PSA allows us to track project time with 100% accuracy." Nancy continues, "The comprehensive data helps us identify resources working overtime and adjust future allocations as needed. Also, we can accurately track allocated vs. actual hours within the programs to enable project managers to manage project budget and time better. The insights that Polaris PSA provides are worth way more than the software price."

  • Improve Time-off Management

    Using Polaris PSA, the KHI management can better manage employee time and attendance. Nancy says, "Our employees can raise time-off requests within Polaris PSA, and the request is automatically routed to the pre-set approvers. Also, managers can see employee time off schedules in real-time to ensure projects are adequately staffed."

Real-time Visibility Into Business Metrics

Polaris PSA enables managers and leaders at KHI to make intelligent decisions with a real-time holistic business view based on 100% accurate data. Pre-built dashboards and configurable reports help to slice and dice data to gain deeper insights into project performance, resource utilization, financial goals, and more.

Replicon's Customer Support Is Exceptional

At Replicon, we value our customers' feedback and use it to improve our products continuously. Nancy echoes our commitment to our customers, "Replicon team's service has been exceptional ever since our first interaction with the replicon team. We are super impressed with the support we have received. We feel like we have a true team player, and overall we're delighted."

“Polaris PSA allows us to track project time with 100% accuracy.”

Let our solution experts help you.

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