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Deep Analytics and Custom Metrics

Prepackaged for Tableau and Power BI

Visualize your Polaris PSA data in the BI tool of your choice – Tableau, Power BI, etc.

Consolidate data

Combine Polaris data with data from other solutions like CRM, HR, PM, and ERP to get a more complete view of your organization’s performance.

Custom metrics

Create advanced custom metrics and create insightful visualizations with data from across platforms.

Quick decisions

Complete insights enable accurate, faster decision-making without switching between tools.

psa business profitability
psa analytics api

Robust API for
BI Services

Data connectors

Prebuilt data connectors for common BI providers like Tableau, and Power BI, etc.

Data warehousing support

Polaris can power your on-premise or cloud-based data lakes and warehouses such as Snowflake or Amazon Redshift, and provides a prebuilt connector for Google BigQuery.

Faster extraction

Our connectors leverage a set of RESTful APIs to enable quicker data extraction.

Always Secure

Permission-driven data access

Business can easily enforce who gets to view what data based on your access rules.

User-specific dashboards

Share dashboards with other users, but they still only access appropriate data.

Inherited Rules

Same data governance and data visibility rules as Polaris are enforced.

Secure psa business analytics
professional services automation bi analytics

Easy To Get Started

Pre-defined Business Objects

The data connectors provide easily understood business terms for data modeling by non-engineers.

Sample Report Templates

We provide sample dashboards and workbooks so you can quickly understand how to develop your custom analytics views.

Tables, views and more

The analytics data model includes all elements to enable your analysis – tables, views, dimensions, facts, and measures.

Create relationships

Drive data analysis faster with the ability to create relationships as per your business needs.

Check Out Our
Built-in Analytics

Polaris PSA enables intelligent decision-making with a real-time holistic business view based on 100% accurate data.

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