What timesheets display on the Team > Timesheets tab?

The Team > Timesheets tab is used by supervisors and other timesheet approvers to manage and approve timesheets.

If you’re a supervisor, you can view all timesheets for those you currently supervise, of any approval status.

However, if you’re an approver who does not act as the timesheet owners' supervisor, you have a more limited view of timesheets. You can view:

  • Timesheets currently waiting for your approval
  • Any timesheet that you approved, rejected, submitted, reopened, or force approved/rejected while it was waiting for you

This includes timesheets you edited and resubmitted during approval that were then system approved, because your approval in this scenario is implied.

The following do not display:

  • Timesheets you force approved or rejected when they weren't waiting for you
  • Any timesheet that was waiting for you, but someone else force approved or rejected

You may see some historical timesheets that don’t fit the guidelines outlined above, based on some small changes we made to the list criteria in June 2017.