How is my overtime calculated?

You may be able to accumulate overtime hours in your timesheet. What hours qualify as overtime and the rate you’ll be paid for those hours depends on the overtime rule or pay rule your Replicon administrator has assigned you.

For example, depending on your rule, the following hours could qualify as overtime:

  • Any hours you work in a week beyond 40
  • Any hours you work in a day beyond 8

And, depending on your assigned rule, you could be paid for overtime at the following rates:

  • Time and a half (1.5x regular pay)
  • Double time (2x regular pay)

You could also be paid different rates for different types of overtime hours. For example, you could be paid:

  • 1.5x your regular rate for hours greater than 8 and less than 10 in a day, and
  • 2x your regular rate for daily hours worked beyond 10

There are many possible scenarios for how your overtime could be set up. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about exactly how your overtime was calculated.

Just because you can enter hours beyond your normal working hours in your timesheet does not mean that you are entitled to overtime pay. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about your overtime pay entitlement.


How do I know if I’ll be paid for overtime I worked?

Depending on your timesheet template, overtime hours will display in the summary bar in the top, right-hand corner of your timesheet, or in the Payroll Summary.

In most cases, you’ll be paid for overtime hours, and at a higher rate than normal. Talk to your supervisor if you’re not sure about your overtime entitlement.

Can I bank overtime hours I’ve accumulated, rather than being paid for them?

You may be allowed to bank overtime hours that you can use to take time off.  Refer to Banking overtime for more information, or talk to your supervisor.

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