Reopening timesheets so your reports can make changes

You may be able to reopen timesheets belonging to your direct reports that have been approved. You might need to do this if you discover that there’s an error in a timesheet that needs to be corrected. Once open, the timesheet’s owner can make changes and resubmit, or you can edit the timesheet yourself.

To reopen an item:

  1. Go to Team > Timesheets.
  2. View the timesheet you want to reopen by clicking the name of the item’s owner.

Filter the list by Approved status, the user’s name, and a date range, if necessary, to find the timesheet.

  1. Click the Reopen button.

  1. Enter comments in the dialog that display.

You can include information on what changes the timesheet’s owner needs to make here.

  1. Click Reopen again.

You can now edit the timesheet yourself, if an Edit button displays, or you can have the owner make changes and resubmit.


How will the timesheet’s owner know I’ve reopened an item for editing?

No notification is sent when you reopen a timesheet. If you want to be certain the timesheet’s owner notices the item, tell them directly that you reopened it.

How and where can I communicate what changes the owner needs to make?

You can contact the timesheet’s owner directly, to ensure they know what changes to make. You can also record what changes need to be made in the comments field that displays when you click Reopen.

The owner can view these reopen comments in the Approval Details table at the bottom of the timesheet.

What if the timesheet has already been exported for payroll?

If you add or remove hours that have been exported for payroll, your changes will become available for export by your payroll team.

Can I reopen timesheets after they've been invoiced?

Yes, providing the Prevent Changes to Invoiced Timesheets workflow condition isn’t enabled in the timesheet’s template. Refer to Correcting billing errors for more information.

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