Managing your time punch team

Your direct reports may have the ability to create time punches using a CloudClock, Replicon Mobile, the Replicon web app, or another device.

As a supervisor, you can use Replicon to keep up with your reports and help ensure their record of hours worked is accurate.

You can carry out these four key supervisory tasks using either the Replicon web app or Replicon Mobile:

Confirming team members were at work when punches were created

There are two components to checking if a punch user was at work:

  • Confirming that it was in fact they who punched in, and ‘‘buddy punching’ hasn’t occurred
  • Checking that the punch was made at an assigned work site

Confirming the correct user punched in

There are two ways to check that the correct user created a punch:

  • View the audit trail of punch changes that includes the image captured with each punch
  • View a map view of punches, that includes a card for each punch that includes the image captured for each punch
  • View the image associated with each punch

You must have the Photo Capture Required option set to Required in users’ punch entry policies for location capture to be required.

Confirming punches were made at the assigned location

An In punch time usually designates the time when an employee starts being paid. If your report has the type of role that can only be carried out at the work site, if they punch in before reaching the site, you know their start time is inaccurate. Similarly, if they punch out when they aren’t on site, they’ll be paid for time they didn’t work.

This option typically only applies to remote sites and roles for which the report must be on site to perform their work.

There are a couple of ways to confirm a punch’s location:

  • Using the map view of punches: If your administrator has set up places in Replicon and assigned them to users, blue circles representing work sites will appear on the map, also called geofences. These virtual fences making it easy to spot which punches fall outside a designated place (i.e. work site).
  • Using the Punching at work location validation rule: If a Punching at work location validation rule along with a place is set up in a report’s user profile, any of their punches that fall outside their assigned place will be flagged as invalid. This status will display on the map, in punch lists, and on timesheets.
  • Using reports: In reports based on the Time Punch Details template, you can view the address and the longitude and latitude coordinates for each punch.

You must have the GPS Capture Required option set to Required in users’ punch entry policies for image capture to be required.

Correcting punch errors

You can add, edit, or delete error punches. For information on how to do this, refer to:


What should I do if a report punched in at the wrong location?

You'll need to devise a policy for how to handle these punches. This may involve asking the employee why they punched in early and/or issuing a warning. You could edit punches to match the likely time the employee arrived on site; however, since this time would be a guess and could be disputed, it may be safer to simply issue warnings to offenders.

Can users use location spoofing to punch from a false location?

No, Android users with an app that provides fake location data enabled on their device will be prevented from making punches, and they will be shown a message telling them to disable that app if they want to create punches.

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