Running reports on your team

You may need to use reports to:

Refer to the following topics for information on other reports that might be of interest to supervisors:

For information on using reports, refer to the Reports topics.

Key reports of interest to supervisors

Default report name

Common uses for the report

Template it’s based on

Paycode Details By Day

View overtime worked, and identify what pay codes apply to overtime hours, by day

Timesheet Day Paycode

Timesheet Period Details

Check whose timesheets are overdue and not yet submitted. You can do this by filtering timesheets by Not Submitted status, and by date.

View overtime and hours by pay code for timesheet periods.

Timesheet Period

Time Punch Details

View an audit trail of punches, including date, time, punch action, and information about the device used and its location

Time Punch Details

Punch Timesheet Details

Check details of punch timesheets, including punch type and other punch details, total hours, entry and submitted on dates, and approval details

Punch Timesheet 

Time Off Transactions


Time Off Balance

Check your team’s time off balances

Time Off Transactions


Time Off - Balances

Time Off Schedule

Group your team’s bookings by day or week, to view upcoming planned time off

Time Off - Bookings

Time IN - Time OUT

Check in and out times for your team members who use an In/Out timesheet, and total hours worked per day

Timesheet Day

Work Schedule Details

Verify whether employees are starting their shifts on time and working the full duration

Work Schedule

Key fields of interest to supervisors

For information on what fields are available in each report, see the Replicon Reports Field Matrix.

Field Name


Template it’s available in

Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor can be used to monitor the length and frequency of employee absences

Time Off - Balances

Pay Code Amount

The pay calculated based on the user's time and their overtime rules

Timesheet Day Pay Code

Timesheet Period


Indicates whether the employee was on time for their shift and didn't leave early

Work Schedule

Schedule Variance

The difference between the user's scheduled work hours and their actual hours. A negative value indicates the user worked less than scheduled.

Work Schedule

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