Running cost reports

You may need to use reports to:

  • Track costs
  • View the details of project time and expenses

For information on using reports, refer to the reports topics.

Key reports of interest to cost managers

Default report name

Common uses for the report

Template it’s based on

Resource Capitalization

Track normalized costs and CapEx/OpEx amounts by user


Timesheet Hours by Day

View details of hours logged against projects

Timesheet Day

Expense Details

View project costs related to expenses, with details such as the expense type and user


Key fields of interest to cost managers

For information on what fields are available in each report, refer to the Replicon Reports Field Matrix.

Field name


Template it's available on

Actual Normalized Cost

Cost amounts based on actual hours and the user’s cost normalization factor


Actual CapEx Normalized Cost

Costs entered against projects or tasks that are designated as CapEx


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