Using the Bradford Factor in time off reports

You can use the Bradford Factor to monitor the length and frequency of employee absences. The Bradford Factor value or score allows human resource departments to take steps to reduce absenteeism.

In Replicon, you can view the Bradford Factor value by running a report based on the Time Off Transactions or Time Off - Balances template. While running the report, select the Bradford Factor (52 weeks) column to view the value.

How is the Bradford Factor calculated?

In Replicon, the Bradford Factor is calculated for a time off type and for a specific user. It is calculated using the following formula:

Bradford Factor  = (Number of instances of time off taken)2 * (Number of days taken off)

where an instance is a day off or a group of consecutive days off using the same time off type. The number of days excludes non-working days, and extends to one year preceding the As Of Date filter in the report.

For example, if an employee books time off of the same time off type for two weeks straight, then this time off booking is considered as one instance. But if an employee books time off on a Friday and then books time off separately on Monday of the same time off type, they will be considered as two instances.

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