How do I edit items before approving them?

You may be able to edit items you approve, depending on your permissions. You might choose to do this to expedite approval of an item that requires correction. Alternatively, you can reject items that require correction, and have each item’s owner make changes and resubmit.

You can't edit when approving time entries.

To edit an item:

  1. Go to Team > Approvals.
  2. View the item you want to edit by clicking the name of the item’s owner.

  1. If you’re editing a timesheet or expense sheet, click the Reopen button.

Then make the changes, and click Resubmit for Approval.

  1. If you’re editing a time off booking, click the Edit Time Off button located at the bottom of the booking, then make the changes.

This button is located at the top of the page on timesheets, and at the bottom of the page on expense sheets.

  1. Click Submit Changes.

If you are the item’s only approver, the item will be automatically approved once you submit it, as your approval is implied.


How will the item’s owner know that I edited their booking?

If you make changes to an item, the item’s owner will receive a notification that a change has been made, assuming these notifications are enabled for them. The notifications state who made the change and when.

Can I edit timesheets after they've been invoiced?

Yes, providing the Prevent Changes to Invoiced Timesheets workflow condition isn’t enabled in the timesheet’s template. Refer to Correcting billing errors for more information.

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